Meet Ramsey Nouah’s Wife, Children and The Family He Keeps Off The Spotlight

Ramsey Nouah’s wife is Emelia Philips and they have three children – Quincy, Camil, and Desiree Nouah.

Aside from talent, consistency can make an actor’s career successful, and Ramsey Nouah is one Nigerian actor who has managed to remain relevant through several acting generations. He appears to have it all: looks, fame, successful career, money, and the ideal family. Moreover, Ramsey Nouah’s wife and family are beautiful by all standards. Many people often wonder about the actor’s family (wife and children), which he has successfully kept away from the spotlight and success of his career for several years.

Unlike most celebrity wives who revel in the spotlight, Ramsey Nouah’s wife has deliberately kept her family away from the brouhaha that comes with being famous. Instead of drawing the attention away from her, this has made fans of the handsome actor more curious about his wife. Subsequently, there have been a lot of speculations in the media about her, but she has never done an interview to either confirm or refute the rumors. Here is what we know about Ramsey Nouah’s family.

Ramsey Nouah Has Been Married To Emelia Philips Since 2002

Nouah is a married man by all ramifications. He is married to Emelia Phillips-Nouah, whom he describes as the best companion and the best fit for him. The duo got married in 2002 and they are still very much in love. The couple has 3 children (two sons and a daughter).

Unlike The Actor, His Wife Is A Stranger To The Spotlight

Ramsey Nouah's family
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Ramsey Nouah’s wife has been the backbone of her family for several years. She has held things down in the homefront and prefers to stay away from the spotlight, unlike her husband who makes his living by being in the spotlight.

Moreover, Raising children isn’t a task that can be taken with levity, so Emelia had to do the most for their children while they were growing up as her husband had his hands full, making waves in the movie industry. Even though she appears educated, it’s unlikely that she had time to build a career as she has invested a lot of herself in her family. Emelia also has a husband who appreciates all her efforts in keeping the family running. He describes her as the ‘power’ of their house.

Is Ramsey Nouah’s Wife on Instagram?

From all that has been gathered about Ramsey Nouah’s wife, she obviously loves her privacy and guides it jealously. Emelia isn’t active on Instagram or any social media, for that matter. She is definitely not keen on inviting the public eye into her family, so she has chosen to stay away from social media. Emelia also doesn’t grant private interviews, so the little known about her are tidbits that her husband has dropped about her in interviews.

The Actor Believes His Wife Holds The Secret To Their Long Marriage

For a long time during Ramsey Nouah’s active acting years, especially when it appeared that he featured in almost every Nollywood movie, many of his fans were not even aware that he was a married man. Even though he never denied this fact, he just never spoke about it, and this might have been intentional to sustain the attention of his female fans.

Moreover, while speaking in an interview, Ramsey disclosed that his marriage with his wife is still standing strong because of his wife. According to him, she doesn’t have the perception that marriage depends solely on a man. He said his wife belongs to the olden days’ women category who believes that a woman must be in charge of the home and take many responsibilities and sacrifices.

Asides from all that, Nouah believes the main reason their marriage is still standing and waxing strong is that they avoid the public eye. He believes that the media and public have a way of ruining relationships and marriages, and theirs has survived because they have mostly kept their family business private.

The Allegation That Almost Ruined His Marriage

Marriage is hard work and no couple is without their own challenges. Despite keeping their relationship away from the media, being a celebrity is enough to put their marriage and relationship to the test. Ramsey Nouah once shared a harrowing experience which one might describe as a stalker situation. He revealed that a woman came from Benin to his house in Lagos, claiming to be his rightfully wedded wife and almost ruined his marriage.

In an interview with PUNCH, the actor shared that the embarrassing experience caught him off guard as the woman met his wife and mother-in-law while he was working on set. They had difficulty getting her to go until he eventually gave her some money and sent her on her way. This is definitely one of the downsides of being a celebrity.

Ramsey And Emelia Are Parents To 3 Children

Ramsey Nouah's family
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In the course of their marriage, Ramsey and his wife have welcomed 3 children. They have two sons and a daughter – Quincy, Camil, and Desiree Nouah. From a red carpet event they attended with their father in 2020, it is obvious they are all grown up now.

Nothing much is known about their education and career path as the actor and his wife are very protective of their children’s privacy. When asked if he intends to make his children toe his career path, Ramsey revealed that he will do no such thing; he plans to train them in whatever they are comfortable and excel at doing.

Ramsey Nouah’s Successful Acting Career Left Him With Little Family Time

For someone who veered into acting by chance, Ramsey has come a long way in the movie industry. According to him, he started acting at first to make money to pay for his GCE exam, but the experience he gathered at the time actually helped him to gain a balance in his acting profession.

Ramsey’s acting career started when he starred in “Fortunes,” a Nigerian TV soap opera when he was only 23. He has since featured in several films in the lead role. Because of his knack and affinity for featuring in romantic films, he was dubbed “Lover-Boy.”

One of his biggest roles to date is in the blockbuster movie “The Figurine” in 2009. For his outstanding performance, he won the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role in 2010. He has won several awards in his acting career, including a Nigerian Entertainment Awards for the Best Actor in 2007, 2011 & 2016, Ghana Movie Awards in 2011, Popular Online choice Award in 2012, amongst others.

He has grown in the movie industry as he has now turned to producing and directing. He owns a production house called “Ramsey Films.” Ramsey is one of the highest-paid actors in Nigeria and has appeared in over 100 movies. He is an ambassador for Western Lotto, a brand ambassador for Globacom, and several other businesses.

All his successes have come at a price, and he has been sincere about it. He hasn’t had much time for his family, but he is glad to have a wife who understands and can keep things together on the homefront while he chases the money.

In this era where celebrity marriages are known to be short-lived, Ramsey Nouah and his wife have been able to stay together and build a formidable family for close to two decades. This in itself is an achievement. The fact that they have also been able to stay away from any major form of Scandal is also a major achievement.

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