father-daughter co-pilots

Last year the world recorded another set of father-daughter co-pilots. Captain Peter Elliot had the privilege of flying with his daughter, not as a passenger but as a co-pilot. Peter & Laura Elliot flew an Airbus from Birmingham to Tenerife. For the Captain, this was a highlight in his 3o years of flying for Thomas Cook. 

Like father like daughter. Peter inspired his daughter Laura to fly when she was 18.

“Becoming a pilot was never something I had considered, even though Dad had been a pilot since before I was born. It was only when my Dad bought me trial flight as a birthday present that I got the bug” – Laura Elliot

Laura went on with her plan to study sports and exercise science. After her graduation she changed her mind and followed her father’s footprints. Now she is a 30-year old Senior First Officer at Thomas Cook. She has been flying for 6 years. Laura graduated from Birmingham University in 2006. The following year, she trained at Flight Training Europe Jerez, Spain. She has also worked for the Monarch for one year.

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While Peter flew the Boeing, Laura flew the Airbus. No one would have thought that working together would ever be possible. So while Laura went away to work for the Monarch, Peter learned and trained on flying the Airbus. This made it possible for Peter & Laura Elliot to sit and work together in the cockpit as co-pilots.

Before the father-daughter co-pilots took off from Birmingham to Tenerife, Peter joyously announced to the passengers that he was flying with his daughter. Laura finds this unplanned experience very pleasing and wishes for more opportunities like that. Peter & Laura Elliot have made history as the youngest in the UK to fly a commercial airliner together.

It is worthy to mention that they not the first father-daughter c0-pilots. Captain David Woodruffe and his daughter Senior First Officer Kat Woodruffe of British Airways are another example.

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