Nii Narko Quaynor is Africa’s high-tech entrepreneur and also the father of Africa’s internet. Prof. Nii is the Ghanaian engineer and web guru whose first internet connections were the first ever in the continent. From Ghana and West Africa, he assisted in implementing the internet throughout sub-Saharan Africa. His passion for web development across Africa is paying off, thus, he’s being recognized for it. For instance, with the internet connectivity, Africa is beginning to enjoy a more effective communication in governance and a host of other institutions.

Prof. Nii is also in the business of training capable hands in the field for effective growth and posterity in Africa.  In addition to the achievements of this ICT pioneer, Nii still hopes and keeps working towards more e-commercial activities from and in Africa. As an ICT high-profile personality and one of the founding members of the Computer Science Department at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana, a member of the United Nations Secretary General Advisory Group on ICT; Nii has quite a number of prestigious positions in Africa’s digital community. For 2 decades, he devoted his talent and skill to the introduction and advancement of the internet in Africa. He has developed his skills and expertise working in several digital firms for quite a lot of years. In 2013, he was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame, he has served and been awarded for his position as the director of ICANN (2000). In fact, he made history by becoming the first African to be an ICANN board member.

Nii Nakor Quaynor

If today we can boldly say that Africa is part and parcel of a global community, then be sure that we are merely benefiting from the ingenuity of quite a number of people, especially the likes of professor Nii Narkor Quaynor. Thanks to this internet titan, Africa is not left behind in the growing world of the internet. Telecommunications and commerce alone might not have brought Africa into the global map if the internet was not there, and Prof. Nii and other internet entrepreneurs did not come into the scene. Each has a distinct contribution to the versatility and progress of the internet in Africa. As much as these men are undeniably the giants, movers and shakers of Africa’s internet society in their various capacities, some others’ efforts have become more resounding. Aside Prof. Nii, the Egyptian father of the internet is also worth mentioning in Africa’s internet success story.

Dr Tarek Kamel


Dr Tarek is an Egyptian web expert whose mission is to put Egypt and indeed Africa on the world internet map through persistent advocacy and advanced approach in the development of the internet in Africa. He kicked off of this vision from Egypt his native land, and now his prowess is felt all over the African internet community. Owing to wealth of expertise, he has also served in various national positions, thus he is conferred the minister with an ICT portfolio. He is a formidable force in Egypt’s telecommunications and renowned for his seasoned wealth of experience in the digital world. As a network support engineer for an ICT Academy he began his career, which overtime has been shaped by various experiences and participation in telecommunications and the internet. For 7 years he worked as Egypt’s minister of communications and information technology; and a prominent figure in ICANN and the internet society. From ICANN records,

“During his tenure as a Minister he led a local and global team to formulate and implement a national strategy that positioned Egypt as a regional role model in call centers, Business Process Outsourcing, Knowledge Process Outsourcing and Innovation based services.”

The 53-year-old literally established Egypt’s the first online connection and has encouraged ICT start-ups in Egypt.