Meet Xi Mingze (Xi Jinping’s Daughter), Is She Married, Where Is She Now?

Xi Jinping is one of the regular names in the world of today’s politics. Attaining the position of the Head of the People’s Republic of China in 2013, Jinping has since garnered considerable fame across the globe. Meanwhile, with the numerous troubles and tumults of his country making the headlines, there is barely any room to accommodate tales of his personal life. Many, therefore, do not know that Xi has got a beautiful grown-up daughter named Xi Mingze. Despite her under the radar lifestyle, we have been able to dig out substantial information about the Chinese President’s daughter.

Meet Xi Mingze (Xi Jinping’s Daughter)

Xi Mingze is the only child and daughter of Chinese President, Xi Jinping and his wife, Peng Liyuan a folk singer. Mingze’s mother is renowned all over China for her sweet soprano voice and good fashion sense. She was actually the first to gain public prominence before Jinping. Mingze’s father, on the other hand, is also the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China as well as the Chairman of the Central Military Commission. Mingze was born on the 25th day of June 1992 in Fujian, southeastern China.

As part of her high school education, Xi Mingze studied French at the Hangzhou Foreign Language School. Mingze loves to lend a helping hand to those in need. As a senior high school student, she volunteered in Hanwang, Mianzhu after the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. For one week, she helped in providing relief to victims of the disaster.

Xi Mingze’s Stay in the U.S

After graduating from high school in 2008, Mingze enrolled at the Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China where she did a one-year undergraduate study. She subsequently gained admission into Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the United States in 2010 to study Psychology and English. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the world prestigious university in May 2014.

Throughout her years at Harvard, Mingze kept a very low profile, living completely away from media interference. She led a thrifty and quiet lifestyle, residing at Adams House, one of Harvard’s dorms. To make this possible, Mingze went by a different name – Xiao Muzi, with only a handful of close friends and course mates being aware of her real identity. Moreover, bodyguards kept watch over her lodge all round the clock.

Xi Mingze’s education in the U.S has, however, raised eyebrows among Chinese populace and the world at large after the news broke out on the media. This is mainly because of her father’s outright rejection of all forms of Western education in the Chinese curricula. Many have regarded the move as hypocritical. Some others are, on the other hand, bemoaning the possibility of her dad funding her education at the pricey Harvard, considering the fact that Jinping takes home an official annual salary of just $13,000.

Is She Married?

Xi Mingze has not married yet, at least from what the media knows. Being the child of a president, her affairs are strictly shielded from the media; and so very little is known about her personal life. It is, however, a public knowledge that Xi has a keen interest in fashion and reading.

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Meanwhile, no one has spotted the Chinese first daughter with any guy. She is probably pursuing her interests at the moment instead of romance, or just keeping her private business private!

Where Is Xi Mingze Now?

Xi Mingze with mom, Peng Liyuang at the First Ladies Luncheon in NYC in Sept., 2018 image source

On completing her studies at Harvard, Xi Mingze returned to China. She presently lives in the country’s capital city, Beijing where her family resides at the country’s government headquarters.

In February 2015, about a year after her return, Mingze made her first public appearance as the daughter of the president of China. Together with her parents, she visited the Liangjiahe village of Yan’an in Shaanxi Province of China to commemorate the Lunar New Year with the natives. As a teenager/young adult, Jinping had worked in Yan’an, the Communist Party’s “red roots” for six years (1969-1975) during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

In addition, Mingze alongside her mother attended Fashion 4 Development’s 8th Annual Official First Ladies Luncheon held on September 25, 2018, at The Pierre Hotel in New York City, United States. What the young lady is doing at the moment, however, remains under wraps as a result of her secretive lifestyle.

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