Megan Wollover – Biography, Age, Family of Tracy Morgan’s Wife

It is often said that; it is in times of great adversity that you know who your true friends are. When misfortune befalls an individual, the fair-weather friends will take a hike. It is only those who truly love him/her that will stick around. If there is one lady who has exhibited such love and loyalty, it is Megan Wollover. Wollover is the gorgeous wife of popular comedian/actor Tracey Morgan. She stuck by him on the long road to recovery after he was involved in a tragic car accident. Find out more about this amazing lady.

Megan Wollover Biography (Age)

Megan Wollover (now Megan Morgan) was born on the 7th of November 1986. She grew up in the town of Hamilton, New Jersey. There is not much information about Wollover’s early childhood or family background. We, however, do know that her mother’s name is Christine Wollover. Megan Wollover obtained her grade and high school education at Nottingham High School. After that, she attended the Cabrini University – a private co-educational/Roman Catholic university located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She obtained a business degree from that institution. Since leaving college, Megan Wollover has built a career for herself in the showbiz industry.

She is a model, actress, and producer. As a model, she has worked with rappers such as Ludacris and Lil Wayne. As an actress, she has accumulated minor parts in some movies including Unholy Roller. Unholy Roller is a 2010 comedy about a college student who finds it difficult to land dates. She subsequently turns to the internet as an alternative. In the movie, Wollover had a minor role as a lady named Letisha. Megan Wollover is also a producer. She has produced some episodes of The Last O.G. The Last O.G. is a TV series which is headlined by her husband as well as star actress, Tiffany Haddish.

Family of Tracy Morgan’s Wife

Megan Wollover is married to an award-winning comedian and actor, Tracey Morgan. Wollover and her husband commenced their relationship in 2009. At that time, they were both coming out of a relationship and wanted a fresh start. A mutual friend of theirs realised that he had two single friends on his hands and decided to introduce them. He set them up on a blind date and voila, it was a match made in heaven.

The couple commenced a relationship and dated for two years before getting engaged. For the proposal, Morgan took Wollover to a jewellery store supposedly to have his bling cleaned. He then got down on one knee and popped the big question. Wollover said yes and the happy couple announced their engagement on the red carpet. The couple was looking to tie the knot in the following summer when tragedy struck.

Megan Wollover
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Accident and Wedding

On the 7th day of June 2014, Tracey Morgan was returning to New Jersey from a show in Delaware. He and his companions were traveling in a Mercedes minibus when their vehicle was hit by a Walmart truck. It led to a multiple car collision and the death of Morgan’s friend and colleague – James McNair. Morgan survived but sustained serious injuries such as broken ribs, broken leg, a broken femur, and nose. He was in a coma for a week and subsequently underwent surgery on his leg. After being released from the hospital, he spent months in rehabilitation before he got back to his normal self.

Throughout his recovery, Megan Wollover was his pillar of strength and support. Morgan was determined to walk down the aisle with his wife. As such, when he regained the use of his legs, the couple fixed their wedding for August 2015. The beautiful ceremony took place at The Ashford Estate in Allentown and featured a 12-foot wall made of flowers. Morgan wore a white tailcoat while his wife wore a stunning white gown. The ceremony also featured an eight-tier cake with about 1,500 handmade sugar flowers.

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Megan Wollover and her husband have one daughter together. Her name is Maven Sonae Morgan and she was born in July 2013. Maven served as a flower girl during her parents wedding. She even had a sweet sign that read “daddy, here comes mommy”. Wollover has revealed that her daughter takes after her husband and has his comic personality. Tracy Morgan also has three sons from his first marriage. He was previously married to his high school girlfriend named Sabrina. Their union lasted from 1987 to 2001 and produced sons; Gitrid, Malcom and Tracey Jr. Tracey Jr. served as his father’s best man during his wedding.

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