Melania Trump: American First Lady Gets Bullied For Reciting Our Lord’s Prayer

During a rally at Florida on Saturday, the current American first lady, Melania Trump opened the occasion with our Lord’s Prayer and the internet went berserk with criticisms and hurtful comments.

The first time a thing like this happened was during the campaign days when she plagiarized some parts of the former first lady’s speech.

However, the arguments and criticisms have largely been found to be baseless and unwarranted.

First, some Christian critics mocked the fact that she read the traditional Christian prayer from a paper. They argued that it was hypocritical since this is a prayer every Christian should know like the palm of their hands.

This criticism was debunked and countered by most American media platforms with more Americans rising to her defense.

Fox news presenters also noted that as much as Obama was a terrific orator, he still read his speeches from a paper; church ministers as well still read out well known prayers from a book.

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She was in turn commended by the Christian folk for living true to her faith. Bearing in mind that she is a Slovenian immigrant, reading the English prayer off a piece of paper is not a big deal.

A second group accused her of violating the US church-state separation law. The law is supposed to ensure no church influence on governance.

Countering that too, it has been on record that past American presidents have publicly expressed their faith and did much more than reading Our Lord’s Prayer off a sheet of paper.

According to Haaretz reports,

“U.S. presidents have often and openly offered Christian prayers while in office”

Obama was reported to have prayed everyday at the White House and also offered prayers in public. He also “quoted scripture and offered a prayer every year in office at the National Prayer Breakfast.”

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Going further on, the report recalled that George Bush ran for office as a born again Christian. He also expressed his faith and devotion publicly.

“Bush framed much of his foreign policy in religious terminology,”

“Bush repeatedly used religious language in his speeches, offered prayers in public and declared national prayer days as a way to honor the 9/11 terror attacks.”

Many consider it a shame that a country founded by Christians would not want an influence from the church; more so have a problem with the First lady for saying Our Lord’s Prayer in public.

In her speech during the rally, Melania Trump promised to work for the good of all Americans and most importantly be true to herself regardless of her critic’s opinion.

“I will act in the best interest of all of you. I am committed to creating and supporting initiatives dear to my heart, which will have an impact on women and children all around the world,”

“I will always stay true to myself and be truthful to you no matter what the opposition is saying about me.”