Everything To Know About Melania Trump’s Parents, Son and Family Life

A certain young lady left her country to the United States in search of a better life but ended up years after as the first lady of the country. This is part of the story of Melania Trump whose full name is Melanija Knavs Trump, the Slovenian-American former fashion model, and wife of the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump.

Melania was born on the 26th April 1970 in a small town of Novo Mesto, Slovenia. She went to a high-rise high school and also attended a design and photography school in Ljubljana.

She later proceeded to the University of Ljubljana to study architecture and design, but she was there for only one year before dropping out to pursue a career modeling at the age of 16. She started out by modeling for fashion style photographers and she worked more closely with Stane Jerko, modeling for fashion houses in Paris, Milan, etc She later changed her surname from Knavs to the Germane spelling Knauss to fit into the fashion world.

The one-time fashion model met Paolo Zampaoli, the co-owner of Metropolitan models, in 1995, who was on a scouting trip in Milan. He convinced her to move to the US so that he could represent her. She was an immigrant while she did modeling jobs before acquiring the legal permit to work in the country after seven weeks. Shortly after, she landed herself juicy contracts and modeled for notable magazines and fashions houses. One of her works is her appearance in swimsuits for Sports Illustra and gracing the covers of Vanity Fair, Vogue magazine, among others.

She started her jewelry line, Melania Timepieces & Jewelry in 2010 and also owned a skincare collection. The two companies that managed her businesses terminated their relationship with her in 2017 and her businesses are now considered inactive. Her net worth is valued around $50 million.

Melania Trump played a small role in the 2016 Presidential campaign for Donald’s presidential bid as she told CNN that her role would consist of helping women and children and also focusing on social problems such as cyberbullying. She became the first lady of the United States when her husband, Donald Trump won the 2016 US general elections and assumed office on January 20, 2017. She initiated the Be Best public awareness campaign advocating against cyberbullying and drug abuse on May 7, 2018.

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She held her first White House event on March 8, 2017, a luncheon for International Women’s Day, where she spoke about her life as an immigrant and noted the role of education as a tool for combating gender inequality.

The First Lady Melania is involved with five notable charities namely, The Martha Graham Dance Company, The American Red Cross, Make A Wish Foundation, and The Boys Club of New York.

Who are Her Parents?

Melania was born to Amalija Ulčnik Knavs and Viktor Knavs in the small town of Novo Mesto, about an hours drive from the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. She grew up with her family in Sevnica.

Her father, Viktor, met her mother in 1966 while he was working as a chauffeur. He worked as manager of an auto shop while her mother worked as a cloth designer in a children’s manufacturing company, Jutranjka in Sevnica. She has 2 siblings, a sister, Ines and an older half-brother – a product of her father’s last relationship before he married her mother – whom she claims she had never met.

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Thanks to Melania Trump, her parents were able to quickly obtain their US citizenship immediately she became the first lady, via the chain migration process – which has been widely criticized by Donald Trump  – she shortened the time process and expedited their citizenship status.


Growing up in a Communist city and country where Christianity was banned, and atheism was upheld, her family was scared to be identified as Christians, even though Melania and her older sister, Ines, were secretly baptized as Catholics, on the 14th June 1970, in St. Lawrence Parish Church, Raka. The certificates were hidden and they could not freely practice the tenets of their faith.

The first lady also took her rotary to Pope Francis for a blessing during their trip to visit the Pope. Thus publicizing her domination – she is arguably the 2nd Catholic First Lady after Jackie Kennedy.

Her Marriage: How Did They Meet?

Melania Trump
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Melania met Donald Trump, who is 24 years older than she is, at a party that Paolo Zampaoli had hosted at a Times Square nightclub called the Kit Kat club back in September 1998. He approached her and she collected his phone number that night. The pair started out dating and were seen at different spots especially the Green Village.

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She joined him during his first presidential campaign in 2000 but shortly after they went their separate ways. Then again, they got back together after a month. In April 2004, he proposed to her with a 15-karat, $1.5 million diamond ring and she became Melania Trump when they got married on the 22nd of January 2005, in an Anglican Church in Palm Beach, Florida, after which the couple spent their honeymoon at Mar-a-Lago at his beach resort.

The marriage was her first marriage but Donald Trump’s third. So far, they seem to be getting stronger by the day and there have not been any rumors of infidelity and divorce on both sides. Melania speaks 5 languages fluently, an advantage to her husband’s many travels and diplomatic visits, as she can help him out in French, Serbia, German, Spanish, and English, etc.

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The union of this power couple has been blessed with a son, whom they named Barron William Trump. He was born on the 20th March 2006; he is her only child while he is the 5th child of Donald Trump. History has it that he is first teenage boy to live in the white house, as other past successive presidents children were either adults or lived outside the walls of the White House apart from the J. F. Kennedy’s kids.

The young teenager is also going to be quite tall from all indications, a gene he probably inherited from his parents as Trump stands at about 6 feet 2 inches while Barron, was seen standing side by side with his father with just a few inches shy of his fathers’ height.

Details od Her Height and Body Measurement

Melania Trump stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches without her precious heels, and that is supported by a weight of 62 kg. Her other body measurement includes; Breast size is said t be 34D, shoe size US 10, Bust is measured as 38, with a narrow waistline of 26 inches and 37 inches hip measurement.

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