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Melanie Martinez is a singer and songwriter in the US. She appeared on the reality TV show The Voice in 2012 as she made effort to announce herself to the world and soon, she landed a recording deal. She was soon signed on to Atlantic Records and she went on to release her debut EP through the label. Of course, there is more to know about how Melanie Martinez got to where she is today and we will be looking into all the juicy details below.

Melanie Martinez’s Age, Ethnicity & Family Background

Melanie Martinez was born on the 28th of April 1995 in Astoria, Queens. She was, however, raised in Baldwin, New York. From her parents, she has Dominican and Puerto Rican ancestry but is ultimately an American by birthplace. A young Melanie Martinez always dreamt of being a singer and when she attended Plaza Elementary School, she met a teacher named Mr. Nadien who she has credited with teaching her how to sing. She also began writing poetry when she was still in kindergarten and as she grew, she practiced painting and photography.

She was an emotional child who would often express her feelings by crying and fans will recognize the titular character of her debut album called Cry Baby which was inspired by this childhood ribbing. From a young age, she listened to artists such as Brandy, Tupac, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and The Beatles. She taught herself how to play the guitar at the age of fourteen using chord diagrams of the songs she favored and her first song was made by adding one of her poems to the chord diagrams she found online.

By 2012, she was in her junior year of high school and went for the MSG Varsity Talent Show, but was eliminated in the second round. It was the same year that would see her go for the third season of The Voice. She chose to be coached by Adam Levine in the show and was eliminated in the shows’ fifth week by audience vote.

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Following her exit from the show, Malanie Martinez began working on an original material, releasing her debut single Dollhouse independently in 2014. Her video for the song was fan-funded via an Indiegogo page. The video has since been viewed over 100 million times. In April 2014, she was then signed to Atlantic Records and released her debut EP Dollhouse in May of the same year. The single Carousel from the EP got a gold certification by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

The album Cry Baby was released on the 14th of August 2015 and debuted at number 6 on the Billboard 200. She had released singles Pity Party and Sippy Cup prior to the album’s release and they had done well on various charts. In 2016, the singer released a commercial for a product she called Cry Baby Perfume Milk, a perfume that she said she had been thinking of releasing since she finished writing her album. In November of the same year, she released a second EP called Cry Baby’s Extra Clutter.

Melanie Martinez was accused in 2017 of sexual assault and rape by a woman named Timothy Heller. The singer had once shared a friendship with the accuser and replied to the accusations with shock, sadness and a statement that whatever they had shared had been agreed to by Heller. Her song Piggyback which was released on Soundcloud after the heat of the accusations was believed to be a response to the allegation.

Who Are Her Parents?

Melanie Martinez was born to mother, Murcy Martinez and father, Jose Martinez. Their family hailed from the Dominican Republic and Peurto Rico. When their daughter was four, the two moved their family to Long Island, New York. They also encouraged their daughter’s budding talent by exposing her to a wide range of music from a young age.

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Who is Melanie Martinez’s Boyfriend?

Melanie Martinez
Melanie Martinez and Michael Keenan – image source

Melanie Martinez apparently does not date so much. She has been linked to one man since 2015, the music producer, Michael Keenan. The two had started dating mid-2015 but she only confirmed her relationship with him on Twitter in February 2016. Michael Keenan does most of the sharing about their relationship on his own Instagram.

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Melanie Martinez stands at a height of 5 ft 2 in or 157 cm and weighs 46 kg or 101.5 pounds. She is not known to be particularly mindful about her food choices and has even declared that she hates vegetables, but she maintains an active lifestyle that seems to keep her fit.

Is Melanie Martinez’s Death Real?

In early 2018, searching for Melanie Martinez on Google may have turned up a death date of 4th April, but the singer is very much alive. It turns out that it was an unfortunate mix up after a 3-year-old named Melanie Martinez got shot and their identities were confused and switched.

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