Melinda Trenchard, Who Was She? Everything About Tom Jones Wife

Melinda Trenchard also known as Lady Woodward, was popular as the celebrity wife of the famous singer, Sir Thomas Jones Woodward who has won a Grammy, an MTV music video award as well as two Brit Awards. She was married to the star for 59 years and later died at the age of 75 on a Sunday morning at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. Her husband famously canceled a string of concerts he had lined up when the news broke out. She passed away after a short but fierce battle with lung cancer.

Melinda Trenchard, Who Was She?

Born in the United Kingdom in 1941, Melinda Trenchard was so simple and secretive that there are little details publicly available about her early life, relatives, siblings, and background in education. However, it is known that her family owned a couple of local cinemas in Treforest, where she grew up and she had a brief stint as a factory worker.

About Her Marriage, Husband, and Kids

She met Tom when they were both 12. At the time, he was suffering from tuberculosis and was bedridden. She would pass beneath his window with friends and every once in a while, smile at Tom. Soon afterward, they started dating and eventually got married at the age of 16 in Wales. The wedding was attended by close friends and families. The same year she was married, 1957, was also the same year she gave birth to her only child, Mark Woodward. Melinda Trenchard and Tom made several attempts to have more children but failed as Melinda had a miscarriage that rendered her infertile.

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Despite the fact that Melinda Trenchard was married to Sir Tom, she never attended any of his concerts. Neither was she present at Buckingham palace when he was granted knighthood by the Queen in 2006. She preferred to live in secret and out of sight, spending her days in solitary luxury at their home in Beverly Hills while he continued to tour the world for his music.

Melinda Trenchard
Melinda with husband Tom

Their marriage wasn’t exactly a bed of roses sadly. When Tom began his singing career in 1965, he was presented to the world as a single 22-year old miner to increase his sex appeal. However, at that time his son was already 7 years old. The truth eventually came out and Melinda Trenchard was forced to give an interview to explain why she’d allowed it. She explained that she loved her husband with passion and though his female fans made her uncomfortable, what mattered to her was him and what he loved.

This article will not be complete without a brief intro to Melinda’s husband Sir Tom Woodward, whose 50+ year career has remarkably gone from strength to strength. The singer was made famous thanks to hits such as It’s Not Unusual, Kiss, Delilah, What’s New Pussycat, and I’ll Never Fall in Love Again. He quit school at the age of 15, worked a variety of jobs, started singing at clubs and eventually signed on to Decca Records in London. His 1999 album Reload was the biggest selling album of his career, with over 5 million copies sold, and this was before the digital ecosystem that we know now existed. He was knighted by the Queen in 2006, and also works as a coach on The Voice UK.

Tom was not faithful to his marriage. At the height of his career, tabloids estimated that he was having affairs with up to 250 women a year in his backstage room. He even had a court case where a model he had a three-day fling with proved he was the father of her child. The court ended up making him pay £1,700 a month for child support. Despite that, he refused to be close to the child, while his son with Melinda named Mark, worked as his manager. No woman likes being cheated on and Melinda Trenchard would often flip on Tom for his activities. However, they kept their issues out of the public eye, ensuring their dirty linens were never aired in public.

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Melinda Trenchard’s Personal Life

Melinda enjoyed housework, watching TV and drinking champagne; particularly vintage Dom Perignon. Whenever her husband came back from his tours, they would go for gentle drives across their property, watch TV and enjoy each other’s presence, reading in the sunshine. Melinda suffered from agoraphobia, emphysema and had to fight cancer twice. She also suffered from depression and her husband often feared for her life. They often spoke via phone when he was away and had long enjoyable conversations.

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