Melisa Reidy – Age, Family and Facts About Addison Russell’s Ex-Wife

Among the women who became famous through their spouse’s influence is Melisa Reidy, the beautiful ex-wife of Addison Russell who currently functions as the MLB infielder for the Chicago Cubs. The duo was only able to stay together for a couple of years from 2016 to 2018 before their union ended in divorce.

The reason behind their divorce was stated as infidelity and physical abuse on the part of Addison who in addition to punching his wife at the slightest provocation, went ahead to have an illegitimate child with his lover while he was still legally bound to Melisa.

Melisa Reidy’s Age and Background History

There is a dearth of information on the details of Melisa Reidy’s formative years and family background, but her date of birth has been revealed to be the 4th of May 1994. She was raised alongside a sister Jasmine Marg with whom she shares an uncanny resemblance. Melissa was a former resident of Bay Minette located in Alabama and presently has a job as a licensed cosmetologist. Although her exact place of birth has never been published, she is an American citizen.

Details of Her Parents and Kids

Her dad has never been identified but Melisa Reidy’s mum is Elisa Reidy who looks every bit like her daughter. According to the ex-wife of Addison, her parents solidly stood behind her during the trying times of her marriage. Her union with Addison gave rise to one son Aiden Kai Margallo Russell who was born on the 25th of August 2015.

Her Marriage to Addison Russell

Melisa Reidy
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The details of their pre-wedding days were not given enough coverage by the media but reportedly, Melisa Reidy and Addison Russell met in Pensacola, Florida and commenced dating immediately. Within a very short time, they decided to take their relationship to the next level which culminated in a 2016 wedding, precisely on the 9th of January in Florida.

Melisa Reidy and her spouse were already parents as their son Aiden Kai Margallo Russell joined the family during their engagement period. However, it became glaringly obvious that Addison is the unfaithful type because his lover Mallory Engstrom was also pregnant with his daughter at the same time as his wife, interestingly both women gave birth the same year in 2015.

Melisa Reidy’s Physical Abuse Allegations

With the kind of life that Addison was leading, their union became the proverbial sour grapes in June, when it came to public attention that Melisa Reidy’s husband was not just unfaithful, he actually exposed her to physical abuses by constantly hitting her. According to Melisa, her spouse turned abusive right from their dating stage, she accused him of harming her, breaking several of her personal items as well as being extremely controlling.

Melisa Reidy’s allegations of physical abuse from Addison triggered some lengthy investigations that resulted in the suspension of the Chicago Cubs shortstop for violating the domestic violence policy of the Major League Baseball. He missed 40 games as well as lost a great deal of money as he was not going to get paid during his suspension period. Addison’s return was scheduled for the 3rd of May 2019.

On his own part, Addison decided not to context his ex-wife’s claims; neither did he make attempts to appeal the decision of MLB to put him on suspension. He went further to say that he wishes Melisa well and hopes they will be able to live in peace for the sake of their child.

Divorce and Custody Battle

Melisa Reidy revealed the untold physical abuse she suffered from Addison which got worse after she gave birth to their son. According to what she told WGN, her ex-spouse hit her while he held baby Aiden in his arms and it was so scary that she became afraid for her son. She eventually decided to do nothing, kept making excuses and told nobody. However, when the fights became worse, Melisa made the decision to leave him in 2017 and they became officially divorced in August 2018.

During their divorce proceedings, Melisa Reidy went all out to seek sole custody of their child, because according to her submissions; Addison had little to no interest in childcare. She equally sought both child and spousal support from her ex-husband.

Melisa Reidy’s New Relationship

Following her official divorce from Addison, Melisa Reidy wasted no time in finding love with another guy. Her new lover Blake Malter is in his early 20s and has a close resemblance to reality TV star Spencer Pratt. Melisa appears to be really happy with her present relationship as she is always sharing her new man’s photos on Instagram.

Blake is an alumnus of the University of West Florida and is currently employed in Portofino Island Resort located in Pensacola Beach Florida as a beach supervisor. He also doubles as a sales rep with Eighty-Five Media.


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