Jesus searches

Round the world, about 2.2 billion people consider themselves devoted Christians and quite a number of people add to that number daily. New converts to Christianity are often marked by a thirst for knowledge, which can result in numerous searches about Jesus or Jesus searches.

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Beyond new converts, Preachers, and mature Christians would also, regularly, search for resources to help them in their journey and even non-believers who need some clarification on points of arguments join this search party.

It is no wonder that Jesus searches are normally so popular especially when Christian holidays are around the corner. In fact, for as long as the internet has existed, Jesus searches have reigned supreme on search engines.

Jesus searches

It seems, however, relying on the magnitude of searches alone, that there is a new religion in town. Google Trends is now showing that there have been more searches for the keyword ‘memes’ than ‘Jesus’.

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Google Trends tracks how often a particular term is searched for and according to the data, memes officially overtook Jesus this year. Although the overtaking appears to have occurred in late August, it was only widely recognized when Norwegian developer Dominik Salonen publicized his findings on Twitter.


While a Google Trends report is far from a definitive ruling on popularity, it does stand as a really good reference point considering around 3.5 billion searches daily are processed by the search engine. It is a helpful indication of what a huge chunk of the world is dwelling on and for this moment, the answer seems to be memes.


Christmas and Easter are, however, very good spike periods for Jesus searches so the popularity may soon rise again soon but if the current growth in searches for memes continues, they could be on the throne for the rest of this year at least.