These Men Got Tricked Into Catcalling Their Own Mothers, Guess How It Turned Out…

Sexist chauvinist men are everywhere. It’s hard for a woman to walk down the street in some places without men catcalling at them. And it seems there’s no way to actually stop this from happening.

Catcalling Your Mother was a projected created by an Everlast team in Peru to deal with the sexual harassment that women face. Statistics, as seen in the video, shows that although 7 out of 10 women are sexually harassed in the country, men who do it think it’s a minor offence.

The team decided to show these men that they are very wrong. Hence, the project, ‘Catcalling Your Mother’ was launched.

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Some men in Peru who were known for catcalling at women walking on the streets were marked. Next, their mothers were found out. The incident was relayed to their mothers. The Everlast team requested their acceptance of a plan to call out their sons’ misbehaviour.

The plan entailed a makeover and disguise to which both women agreed.

Following the makeover, some cameras were placed in the streets were these men usually hung out, harassing women. Their mothers walked down the same street in a disguise and they both fell for the ploy.

Both men catcalled at their mothers unknowingly. The first man called his mum “tasty panties” albeit unknowingly. When confronted by his mum he blamed her for not wearing her usual clothing and style, he also blamed college for the way he talked.

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The second man called his mother a “piggy” only to take back his words when his mum removed the wig she had on and approached him. He denied calling her a piggy, although it was caught on tape; he accused a driver instead of using the foul language.

We hope this serves as a lesson for these men and all men who think catcalling at women is okay.

Watch the video below: