Interesting Mental Health Benefits Of Handwriting

With the rate of digitization in the educational sector and the larger society as well, handwriting does not feature as much as it used to be.

One may actually think the pen will soon become an object only to be seen in archives and museums. But it appears that may not be a reality anytime soon.

It has been found that the age old art of writing with your hands is a lot beneficial than typing is.

If you think about it, you can’t really do away with the pen and paper.

These days we chat and have almost forgotten how to write those beautiful personal letters. You will be surprised to know that your grand-mum still has that letter you wrote her at age 10; probably still under her pillow.

Haven’t you wondered why after all the computer revolution, employers sometimes request for a handwritten application? It tells who you are.

A medical finding supports handwriting, saying it gives psychological benefits.

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1. Writing Soothes The Brain (Graphotherapy)

This works best for hyperactive personalities. Writing helps them relax and concentrate on one thing. You may have come across people who write down their tasks or an aim on paper, repeating it over and over. This according to Dr. Marc Seifer, a graphologist, expert in handwriting, says “makes the person calmer and rewires the brain.”

2. Coordinates Parts Of The Brain


Handwriting helps the brain to be coordinated. This is the reason why pupils are taught how to write on cursive. The movement in the act of drawing and positioning the letters helps brain function.

3. Helps To Prevent Memory loss

Handwriting has the power to develop a retentive memory in the life of an ardent writer.

4. Sound Mind

This is where teachers and academic gurus get their flair to be articulate even as they age. Handwriting keeps the mind sharp and active.

5. Increases learning

Handwriting helps in improving learning. Researchers found that handwriting stimulates the part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System, RAS. This part of the brain boosts learning in children. It “filters all information that needs processing by the brain, prioritizing the things in your immediate focus at the time of writing.”

Gentaz said:

“Drawing each letter by hand substantially improves subsequent recognition,”

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6. No Distractions

Unlike typing with the keyboard, handwriting has a greater chance of keeping distractions away. When connected to the internet, the writer may be distracted by Ads, notifications, pictures, videos, you name it. With just your pen and paper, all your focus goes into what to write.

7. Makes You More Meticulous

When you are writing on a paper, there are chances of making mistakes that can make your sheet untidy; unlike the keyboard where corrections are made over and over and still will not reflect on the written work.

So handwriting gives you the double but helpful task of writing and smartly organizing your flow of thoughts in a way that the end product is neat and tidy to look at.