Mercy Mulayi

Mercy Mulayi is a 19-year-old Ugandan trainee pilot.

Her near effortless aviation skills has landed the teenager a scholarship with a U.S. based Women Pilots Association, Ninety-Nines.

Ninety-Nines is an international organization of women pilots, based in the United States. The association helps to promote advancement of aviation by way of education, and scholarships.

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As a confirmation of her talent in aviation, her instructors at the Kajjansi Flying School in Uganda, where Mulayi is currently undergoing training has described her as a “natural pilot”.

Mercy Mulayi said:

“I was afraid of how I had performed, considering the bad weather. But I got the best comment I have ever had in my life. It read: ‘natural pilot seen in her’.”

All things being equal the budding female pilot anticipates that she will have her Private Pilots’ License (PPL) in six months time. After that she will move to the United States to enroll in a prestigious flight school.

According to Mulayi, joining the Air force will be her next point of call once she obtains her commercial license.

“I am already on my way to becoming a professional pilot. Next is joining the army.”

On that note her parents panicked.

“I told them that I was not necessarily going to be on the battle front.”

Uganda’s aerial military service branch, in return shared the joy on social media; saying they will be delighted to have the young talented aviation trainee on board.

UPDAF said:

 “We shall be very happy to welcome you, Miss Mulayi, into the Uganda People’s Defense Airforce.”

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From her prowess in Africa, she gained international recognition. Mercy Mulayi applied to the Ninety-Nines (99’s) and they accepted her application.

Mercy Mulayi, like a host of other progressive African teenagers, is making footprints that is worth emulating for the growing younger generation.

After a series of try-outs in choosing a life career, flying has become the most proven calling of this Ugandan talented lady. She says she feels peace when she is flying.

“Flying an aircraft is an awesome experience. Nothing beats it. It is magical. You can do so many things with just two instruments—the radar and the yoke.”