Are Mermaids Real? 5 Undeniable Cases of Mermaid Sightings

We mostly know them from fairy tales pictured as cherries on top beauties mingling with sea fauna. Mermaids always had a pretty strong place among stories and legends being described as having a charming humanoid appearance with a fish’s tail, calmly singing and constantly admiring their beauty reflected between blue waters.

However, folks and legends fuel our imagination, which by the way, is in a long distance relationship with the ugly truth disguised in reality. Some believe that these human-fish beings might actually populate ocean seas. Mermaid sighting supports the existence of such creatures by written testimonies or videos which aren’t in total character with mythical depictions. Here are some of the most veridical cases of mermaid sights.

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1. Are Mermaids Real? Greenland Sea Homeland for Mermaids

The most recent mermaid sighting happened under Dr. Torsten Schmidt’s lead while he was contracted by GeoSurvey to explore new oil sites by mapping the ocean floor. During his research in Greenland Sea, he managed to get on a recorder, some strange noises resembling whale sounds at 1000 m below sea level. As a marine geologist, Dr. Torsten immediately noticed some mystery in those sounds by claiming the possibility of mermaid presence. He asked GeoSurvey to sponsor his supposed discovery but got rejected in the end based on some ambiguous reasons. For all that, Dr. Trosten didn’t give up and established a new mission by himself. After going down few times, always recording on two cameras, Dr. Torsten successfully came up with a new footage of what it’s supposed to link as a mermaid creature. Here you can see the full interview with Dr. Torsten.

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2. Israel Mermaid Sightings

Another recent discovery involving mermaid sightings occurred in the town of Kiryat Yam in Israel. The number of tourists claiming to have seen the mythical creature increased in a short period of time. For this reason, local authorities put up for battle a 1 million dollars reward for anyone who would come up with a tangible evidence. Although the reward is still up for grabs but the internet blossoms in video footage presuming mermaids jumping and hiding between the waves.

3. Earlier Written Testimonials of Mermaid Sighting

One of the most popular witnesses of mermaid existence is narrated by Hugh Murray, Professor Robert Jameson and Professor Sir John Leslie in their book “Discovery and adventure in the Polar Seas and Regions”. Between the pages describing Henry Hudson’s Second Voyage: The Northeast Passage in 1608, there is a passage stating that crew members Thomas Hilles and Robert Rayner, eye-witnessed “a mermaid having a female back and breast, a very white skin and long black hair flowing behind; but on her turning around they described a tail as of a porpoise, and speckled as a mackerel”. The two eyewitnesses seemed to have backup company since it is also stated that the crew members called everyone else to come and see the unbelievable.

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4. Are Mermaids Real? Mermaid in a shark’s stomach

Still remaining around polar environments, Iceland seas offer another gift for mermaid hunters by revealing some evidence coming from a shark’s stomach in which a merfolk, mythical term for mermaids, was found in the 19th centuries. Upcoming examining processes were all detailed and described in “Curious Myths of Middle Ages” by Sabine Baring – Gould. The sea animal was visualized as a nine-year-old in length with human characteristics and some seal features. Unfortunately, after being exposed to shore the animal was thrown back in the water and no further investigations were able to be made.

5. Mermaid sightings in times of war

During World War II, around 1943, some Japanese soldiers claimed to have seen a small number of mermaids in Kei Islands. Soldiers described the water creatures as being human-like but with limbs, about 150 cm height and despise standard pictures of mermaids with fish tales as they appeared to have human arms and legs. Locals called them Orang Ikan meaning human-fish and were used to them as they stated that such creatures were usually caught in fishing net.

After a body of Orang Ikan was found dead on shore, sergeant Mr. Taro Horiba was called to witness and examine. He was astonished at what his eyes were seeing. He confirmed it was a mermaid and called for specialists but he was taken for a fool, no one believing him. No further actions were taken and Orang Ikan was abandoned.

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