Campaign Gone Crazy… Look Who Wants Donald Trump Dead

During a Trump rally in Las Vegas on Saturday, a British national, Michael Stanford, attempted to kill Donald Trump. Without fear he reached for a gun from a police officer and wanted to fulfill his wish of seeing Trump dead.

It is bad enough that world leaders cannot stand his guts; now someone literally wants him dead. Not mere wishful thinking but actually taking the bold and public steps to do so.

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The Briton did not mince words when he admitted that the essence of attempting to grab a police man’s gun was to kill him. He admits his resentment for the republican.

After much struggle with the police, the 20-year old young man was arrested and now in police custody.

This attempt has raised a question on the security of politicians in the western part of the world. Around the world they are applauded for being democratic with regards to their nearness to the people.

Last week saw the brutal death of the British lawmaker, Jo Cox. Now there is a public attempt to assassinate the presumptive republican presidential candidate of the United States.

Michael Stanford said he has nursed this ambition for the past one year. He knew his life would be on the line if he succeeded but he couldn’t care less as long as Trump was no more.

Michael who drove all the way from California to kill Trump will face trial on the 5th of July, 2016. He also added that if he had another chance he would do it all over again.

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Michael Steven Stanford came with the guise of seeking Trump’s autograph. He is said to be from Dorking, in Surrey. This will make it the second Trump drama in a space of 3 days.

The assassination attempt happened on Saturday. On Monday Trump fired his long time campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski. The recently fired manager contributed to his successes through the primaries.