An Inside Look at Why Michael Weatherly Left NCIS, His Sexual Harassment Issues and Family

With an impressive acting career that has seen to several awards and nominations, Michael Weatherly fits perfectly as one of the finest talents Hollywood has ever produced. He is the current face of the CBS show, Bull. Over the years, he has picked up a few movie roles and played well in all of them. In the pursuit of his acting career, he delved into movie directing and production and has equally done well in that regard. The NCIS actor was born on the 8th day of July 1968. Although Michael Weatherly was born in New York City, he spent his formative years in Fairfield, Connecticut.

His parents are Michael Manning Weatherly Sr. and Patricia O’Hara. He is an American of Irish ancestry. Weatherly first attended an all-boys private school; Fairfield Country Day School before transferring to Brooks School, Massachusetts. Shortly after the completion of his high school studies, he proceeded to Boston University and later enrolled at American University before moving on to Menlo College. Michael’s inconsistency with his academics was the reason for his numerous transfers. He later gave up on his college education and decided to pursue an acting career.

Playing Anthony DiNozzo in NCIS Remains The Hallmark of His Acting Career

Michael Weatherly began auditioning for several movie roles while working by the side as a music artist. Yeah, that actor is skilled as an instrumentalist; he plays the guitar, piano, and has also trained his vocals. While trying to pick the best fit for himself careerwise, he bagged his first acting role on The Cosby Show. There, he portrayed the roommate of one of the main characters, Theo Huxtable. Though his role on the show was quite brief, it landed him another acting gig in Seinfeld. Then, he appeared in the mind-blowing movie, The City and Loving.

At the rate at which these smaller roles paid off, Michael Weatherly decided to move to the City of Los Angeles with the intent of pursuing acting fully. There, he proved his acting prowess with a lead role in the movie Significant Others, starring alongside Jennifer Garner. Unfortunately, the drama series was cut short after six episodes.

Micheal’s next significant role was in the show, Charmed. He starred in the first season of the show as a Warlock. Also, while working on the show, the actor subsequently bagged a few roles in different movies like Meet Wally Sparks, Gun Shy, Cabin By The Lake, The Mystery Of Natalie Wood, The Last Days Of Disco, and Trigger Happy. 

For his incredible performances in the movie Dark Angel, Michael Weatherly was nominated for the Saturn Awards and a teen choice award. He subsequently made appearances in JAG. It would be mischievous to conclude that any of these works flopped but none entrenched his name in the competitive industry like being Anthony DiNozzo in NCIS. Joining the series in 2003, he played the main character across 13 seasons until 2016 when he took a bow. Given the popularity of the series and the fact that his character is one of the most prominent and favorite, it is easy to see how NCIS became the work you can’t ignore while discussing Weatherly’s career.

Scoring The Lead Role In Bull Was The Reason He Left NCIS

Michael wasn’t satisfied with being just an actor, so he delved into movie directing and production. He made his directorial debut in an episode of NCIS series. Because his first directing job with the crew was perfect, he subsequently gained the opportunity to direct more episodes of the show.

Sometime in May 2016, Michael Weatherly announced his departure from NCIS. About a few months later, he announced that he would be making an appearance in the CBS show, Bull. People deduced he left NCIS for Bull and the actor authenticated it.

According to him, landing the lead role to play Dr. Jason Bull in the popular CBS legal drama was a welcomed development as he was getting “burnt out by NCIS”. Adding that he’s happy with his time on the show, Michael maintained that he left because he was ready for a new challenge.

The Sexual Harassment Blemish on Michael Weatherly Involved Eliza Dushku

As an actress, Eliza Dushku is probably best known for playing Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She has had a busy career that has seen her portray various characters in both the small and big screens. Among them is her role as J. P. Nunnelly in three episodes of Bull.

Although it was a recurring role, she was poised to become a regular cast member of the legal drama television series. That changed after she confronted Weatherly about his uncomfortable comments on set and reported his inappropriate behavior to producers of the show.

Eliza was written off the show and as such, she agitated that it happened because she called Michael out for sexual harassment.

What The Actor Did and How The Issue Was Resolved

It is said that Michael who plays the lead character of the show, commented on Eliza’s appearance in front of the cast and crew, talked about a threesome, and made a rape joke.

According to the actress, he asked to take her to his rape van filled with lubricants and long phallic things. Eliza said his threesome remark was directed to her and was about him and her in a room full of people.

She added that the actor would always make comments about her beauty and follow it up with audible groans. Among other things, he often bragged about his sperm and once shouted that he’d spank her like a little girl after she flubbed a line on set.

Following her agitation after she was written off the show, Dushku went through a mediation with CBS and they reached a confidential settlement to pay her $9.5 million. The amount is said to be what she would have earned if she remained a cast member for four seasons.

Weatherly Was Once Married to Actress Amelia Heinle

When it comes to marriage, love, and divorce, Michael has experienced these three spheres of life and has learned his lessons. He was once married to Amelia Heinle and was close to tying the knots with Jessica Alba.

His marriage with Amelia Heinle happened sometime in February 1995 but they subsequently called it off in 1997. The two played different characters in the movie, The City and Loving Together. That’s not the only thing they have in common, their marriage witnessed the birth of a son named August Manning Weatherly, he was born on the 10th of January 1996.

While playing a role in Dark Angel, Michael fell in love with Jessica Alba. The two kick-started a relationship that eventually led to an engagement in 2001. Sadly, their relationship has become a thing of the past after they called it off in 2003.

Family Life and Kids With Dr. Bojana Jankovic

Michael Weatherly
Michael Weatherly and Dr. Bojana Jankovic

Currently, Michael Weatherly shares two beautiful children with the woman he married in September 2009, Dr. Bojana Jankovic.

Jankovic was born in Serbia and it is said that she met the actor in 2007. He was taken to her beauty and they would begin dating that same year.

A physician, Michael would agree that Bojana has improved the quality of his life. He once described her as a wonderful wife, asserting that being married to Bojana and their kids are his most valued accomplishments.

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