Can Michelle Obama Fix This? Some Twitter Fingers Seem To Think So As Michelle 2020 Trends

The hashtag Michelle 2020 is trending on twitter as some Americans try to console themselves in the wake of the shocking win by Donald Trump.

Rather than cry over the loss of Hillary Clinton, who besides being the democratic Presidential nominee and an experienced politician, also represented an opportunity for America to get their first female President, they are endorsing another preferred female President, the current first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.

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Michelle Obama increased in popularity over the course of her eight years in the white house and became even more popular when she hit the campaign trail in support of Hillary Clinton. Her speech at the Democratic National Convention went viral and along with other speeches where she showed her support for Hillary Clinton and spoke against Donald trump were also widely popular.

Michelle 2020

By making Michelle 2020 trend, many people are showing their belief that the first lady will stand a chance of winning the election for the Democrats in 2020.

Check out some of the tweets with the hashtag Michelle 2020, the hope in them is quite infectious;

While some people are tweeting Michelle 2020 as a joke, a bulk of people seem to actually want Michelle to run for President to do some quick fixing work after President-elect Trump’s term is over.

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Michelle Obama is a successful lawyer with degrees from Harvard and Princeton, and as the first lady, she managed to pour her energy in worthy causes like advancing the rights of the girl child and she has shown to the general populace that she can be down-to-earth, fair and kind. There is also the added point of her impressive engagement with social media during the period that she was FLOTUS.

Michelle 2020

The 52-year old would certainly not have Hillary Clinton’s persistent problem of likeability. Quite a good number of people, apparently, already find her inspirational.

Some people, however, do not consider it a good idea for the first lady to run. This Telegraph article; “Why Michelle Obama shouldn’t run for US President in 2020” makes a few points to that effect.