Meet SA’s Youngest Published Author; She’s Just 7

Michelle Nkamankeng is a 7-year old who has made history by becoming the youngest author from the African continent to make it in the top 10 youngest writers in the world.

Michelle Nkamankeng held the launch of her first novel titled Waiting for the Waves one month ago at Wits University’s education campus in Parktown.

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Michelle gives the synopsis of the book as thus:

“A little girl called Titi and her family lived far away from the beach. One day they went to the beach but she was afraid of the waves and her family helped her to conquer her fear.”


The little child surprised her parents by authoring a book which Amazon certifies as a one of a kind coming from a 7-year old. Her parents had no idea what she was working on till she was done with the book.

“My brother and sisters knew because they always came in my room. The are like, ‘What are you doing?” 

“I told them not to tell mummy and daddy. I wanted it to be a surprise.”

After writing the first one, she gave it to her mother and later came up with 2 others which are all part of the Titi story.

Michelle demanded that her parents take her talent seriously and they did. One year later they had harnessed the whole package into a wholesome 50-paged novel which has made her the youngest published author in the continent.

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Waiting for the Waves is a children’s book that has gotten positive and interesting reviews. Colin Northmore, head of the Sacred Heart College in Johannesburg, Michelle’s school, was utterly impressed by her literary achievements.

“If we are honest, it is a children’s book, it is a book written by a child…,”

“In some ways I am almost more proud of her being able to speak confidently than I am about the book.”

While she is a celebrated writer at the moment, Michelle Nkamankeng’s goal is to be a pediatrician. She also wants to keep writing and publishing.