Michelle Ntalami: The Smart And Beautiful Natural Hair Entrepreneur

The young, bright and brilliant lady, Michelle Ntalami birthed the Marini hair business after the death of her father.

She decided to go natural but along the line, she discovered that maintaining her choice of hair would be a problem. Purchasing the products was always very expensive. So she adopted the DIY option of coming up with her own her products.

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CNN report states:

“With the help of her family and an investment club, Ntalami was able to raise between $70,000 to get Marini Naturals off the ground.”

Michelle Ntalami

In other words, her challenge created an opportunity what has become a top hair brand in Kenya and beyond. Marini products are found in East African supermarkets, South Africa and France.

“I have a vision to make Marini Naturals the leading hair care line for all women in Africa and beyond,”

“I feel very accomplished to have – in the time frame of just a year – to be able to move Marini Naturals from Kenya beyond borders.”

Michelle Ntalami is a seriously super-smart young lady.

Michelle is graduated with a first class in Design Communication; top overall student globally in chartered post-graduate diploma; top overall student in Kenya for post-graduate diploma in marketing, CIM 2007/2008 and in 2010, CIM, UK; and quite a good number of certifications of excellence.

Michelle Ntalami

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Michelle may have taken her father’s steps academically, as he was one of the few people in Kenya who studied abroad on scholarship. It will not be a surprise if she takes up an academical venture in the future but in the mean time, she is the entrepreneur that has inspiring a number of black women to accept the colour of their skin as inherently beautiful.

The pro-natural hair businesswoman however does not feel there is a conscious competition between “naturalisters” and women who love weaves. She believes they complement each other.

Through her new found business, with a staff of 8, Michelle is really helping women in her country and beyond celebrate their African heritage by going on their natural Afro-centric hairstyles.