Michelle Obama Under Fire For Expenses During Her Tour Of Africa This Year

The First Lady of The United States, Michelle Obama came on a brief tour of Africa earlier in the year. She visited Liberia and Morocco in order to promote the initiative, Let Girls Learn.

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A lot of people have lauded both the initiative and the outcomes from the tour of Africa which will include a CNN film about girls, but not everyone is happy. Judicial Watch, a government watchdog organization has released some details on the expenses incurred in the course of the trip that has some Americans seething.

Tour of Africa

According to the reports, the bills which supposedly run into $1.06 million can be summarized thus;

  • $512,737 for hotels
  • $252,471 for limos and transportation
  • $302,500 for airfare, according to an hourly flight rate

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Judicial Watch also alleged discovery of documents that show the first lady falsified expenses and personnel while on her 2011 vacation to Africa, including listing her two daughters; Sasha and Malia, as “senior staff” members.

They add that when they requested the transportation records under the Freedom of Information Act, the Obama administration refused to produce them, after which they were then forced to sue in order to obtain the information.

Tour of Africa

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said;

“This trip was as much an opportunity for the Obama family to go on a safari as it was a trip to conduct government business…This junket wasted tax dollars and the resources of our overextended military. No wonder we had to sue to pry loose this information”

There is already a resounding backlash from American taxpayers who are voicing their displeasure on what they consider a waste of taxpayers money. The comments, some of which can be seen on Judicial Watch’s Facebook wall even go beyond this particular tour of Africa, to give examples of other instances where the Obama administration has supposedly used the taxpayers money for personal ‘frivolities’.