Michelle White – Bio, Everything To Know About Donald Glover’s Wife

Michelle White got a chance at fame as the girlfriend of actor, musician, director, writer, singer, and rapper, Donald Glover, whose professional name is Childish Gambino. The lovebirds kept their relationship away from the public eye and it wasn’t up until 2017 Golden Globe awards that Glover revealed the status of their relationship. Currently, they have two kids and are said to still be unmarried – though unconfirmed.

Michelle White’s Bio

In the world today, there are several means to achieve fame, and the most common of them is through digital media, politics, and entertainment. Recently, a lot of people especially women have been pushed to fame what with their union with celebrities. This is rather not surprising but we would say that it is part of their marital blessings.

Michelle White, the girlfriend of Childish Gambino have also taken a bit of fame for herself since her union with her partner, Donald Glover. She was just an everyday girl who became famous just like the snap of the fingers. There is limited information about her and her early days, howbeit, she celebrates her birthday every 18th day in the month of May. She was born precisely in the year 1989. Michelle White is a white Asian-American woman.

There are no details about her family, and since we all know that no one randomly falls from the sky, we also know that she is yet to reveal the details of her parents. Also, we wouldn’t know if she has other siblings. Till she is ready to talk about them, Michelle White is the only known child belonging to her parents. More so, Michelle White is yet to reveal the details of her education.

Husband and Kids

Michelle White
Michelle White and Family

Donald Glover who is also known as Childish Gambino is the man of Michelle dreams. The two has been quite secretive with every detail of their relationship. In fact, no one knew that the popular musician was in a relationship, not until the 2017 Golden Globe awards that Glover announced that he was a husband and a father. More so, he intentionally withdrew the name of his partner and revealed the name of his first son.

Later that same year, in an appreciation speech at the Emmy award, the musician subsequently publicly gave out his wife’s name, and also revealed that their second child was on his way.

Well, the couple has been regarded as one of the most secretive couples in the entertainment belt. This is so true that it is only with appreciations and a few interviews that the musician has spoken about his family. That regardless, most of Donald Glover’s achievements and details are quite available on the records.

Currently, the couple has two sons; Legend Glover was born sometime in 2016 and their second child whose name is still unknown was born sometime in 2018.

Everything To Know About Donald Glover’s Wife

Even though Michelle White is often referred to as the musician’s wife, there is no available proof to the fact they are both married. Also, during the appreciation speech that Michelle finally got a shoutout from Childish Gambino, he referred to her as his partner. With a statement like that, many have been kept in the dark as regards to the details of their marriage; that’s if it ever happened.

Having been with a man who has gathered an interesting resume in the acting world, Michelle’s occupation is still unraveled. She resume and activities have remained shrouded in mystery.

Both Michelle and Donald are also not active on any social media platform. They barely talk about themselves on any social media platform, in fact, on Instagram, Childish Gambino has over 3.3m followers with him following just 1 person and has only put up 4 posts.

Donald Glover and his partner, Michelle White have grown to a stage of mutual understanding. Often times, the musician has shown his respect for his partner, telling the world that she does most of the hard stuff and he is just helping out. He also said that fatherhood has changed his life and he gives all thanks to his partner.

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Childish Gambino is an African American who married a white American and his union caused a racial rife on the internet. Some has described their union as unlikely while others have aired their views with the most disrespectful words. Whichever way, the two has not had a reason to go public with what they think on their racial differences.


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