Mike Adenuga’s Real Time Net Worth Breaks Forbes Record In One Month

As at last week, Mike Adenuga’s real time net worth (Forbes) stepped up by $200 million. Mike Adenuga was ranked the 109th world richest at a net worth of $10.5 billion. All of a sudden in a one month span, the net worth of the telecom magnate increased to $10.7 billion. Thereby taking him up the ladder as the 103rd richest in the world.

Last month Forbes published the list of the 2016 African billionaires. It was most shocking that Mike Adenuga, founder and CEO of Nigerian telecoms network Globacom, was over double of what it used to be. In 2015, he had a net worth of $3.5-$4 billion. Thus, for the highest gaining African billionaire 2016, Mike Adenuga takes the top spot.

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Mike Adenuga is one of those billionaires who values “luxury toys”. He has a house in one of the most expensive estates in Nigeria – Banana Island, worth $40, 144, 640- 8 billion naira. He also has a $120, 000 worth of burial site as a family property, cars plus 3 private jets. It is speculated that he is a proud owner of more luxury mansions.

Adenuga is currently the 2nd richest man in Nigeria and Africa’s 7th richest. As he lives incredibly large, he also has his ways around making it big. Seeing a tremendous growth in a short span of one month in a country that is currently going through austerity measures says a lot. This will be a semblance to the investment wisdom of the Zara fashion founder, Amancio Ortega. During the global economic meltdown, the fashion billionaire knew what cards to play to keep his business in good shape.

As much as Mike Adenuga’s real time net worth is tentative, his success is worth noting. With the pace of his success, guess we are in for more surprises as the year runs down.

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