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Getting an audience into a hilarious state isn’t as simple as it seems. Often times, comedians are expected to learn every tiny detail involved in controlling the mind of others. Mike Birbiglia has proven his expertise in this act as a comedian and has gathered so many fans around the globe. He started developing his career way back at the age of 16 and today, he has proven that he learned a lot within closed doors. Apart from being successful as a comedian, he has also made a name for himself as an actor, writer, and a director. He is a family man and has shown diligence in that aspect as well.

Mike Birbiglia’s Biography

Mike is one of the many comedians who pour a lot of praise on their parents for their sacrifice and support towards the achievement of their dreams. In his words, he has often described his parents; Mary Jean and Vincent Paul Birbiglia as his number one fans. His family on average income but he never lacked anything, he was given the best parental love and care any child could ask for. He was born on June 20, 1978, in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts as the youngest of the four children of his Italian parents. Mike Birbiglia was pampered and had all attention poured on him as a child.

St John’s High School was the first platform he passed through for his early education but he only spent a year in the school before transferring to St Mark’s school where he graduated from. In a bid to further his education, he proceeded to Georgetown University and graduated in the year 2000. Inasmuch as his parents supported every step he took when it comes to his career, he got his inspirations as a comedian from Steven Wright. He once said that it was one of Steve’s shows that inspired his joke writings, as far back as when he was just 16.

Mike groomed himself through perseverance within closed doors from his younger days and by the time he got to college, he had gained a whole lot of experiences teaching himself. One of the most reckoned shows he participated in during those days was with the Georgetown Players Improv Troupe. As time went on, he got a spot to performed at the DC Improv.

After graduation from college, he relocated to New York with the intents of growing his career to its fullest. He appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman after two years of searching for fame; this marked a major breakthrough to the true realization of his dreams. In 2003, he performed at the U.S Comedy Arts Festival telling stories and with that, he was made a semi-regular contributor to the show. At this point, Mike Birbiglia knew it was time to release his cooked-up jokes, so he released his first comedy album, Dog Years (2004), then he released yet another named My Secret Public Album, Volume 1a (2005). Subsequently, he has released a few more comedy albums.

As an actor, he made his first appearance in the movie, Going the Distance (2010) playing the role of Toby, the waiter. After that, he appeared in Cedar Rapids (2011) and Your Sister’s Sister (2011). Other movies he has played a significant role in includes Sleepwalk with Me (2012), The Fault in Our Stars (2014), Adult Beginners (2014), Hot Pursuit (2015), Orange Is the New Black (2015) and Trainwreck (2015).

That’s not all, he spiced up his career as an actor by delving into the tough job of directing and writing. He wrote and directed his first movie in 2012 titled Sleepwalk with Me, and worked on the movie Don’t Think Twice (2016). He is also one of the heads running the Public Radio International-distributed program known as This American Life.

Net Worth

Taking a troll through Mike Birbiglia’s achievements, it can be unarguably said that he has made an enormous fortune for himself as he has worked his ass off to get to this height. He still maintains the position of one of the most-loved comedians of our time and is estimated to be worth $2 million.

Mike Birbiglia’s Wife – Jen Stein

Mike Birbiglia
Mike, Jen Stein, and Ono Birbiglia,

If Mike Birbiglia had other affairs before meeting his better half Jen Stein, we wouldn’t know as he seems to be a very private person. From the obvious, he has a straight sexual orientation and is a faithful husband.

He is married to Jen Stein, the two had dated for a long while before deciding to take the forever commitment in 2007. Their union is blessed with a beautiful baby girl named Oona.

Other Facts

Mike Birbiglia is a handsome dude, he stands average height at 5 feet and 8 inches. He has blonde hair and blue eyes with an amazing personality.

The comedian was involved in an accident due to a rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder. The accident resulted in plenty of stitches on his leg.


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