Who Are Mike Pence’s Wife and Children, What Is His Net Worth?

Mike Pence could be called the second most powerful man or second in command in the US leadership since he is the 48th and current vice president of the country. Prior to his current post, the politician served as the 50th Governor of Indiana and was also a member of United States House of Representatives.

While he keeps building his profile in politics, many have been questioning his sexuality for many reasons we have discussed in this article. Find out more on that and other facts about his life.

Details Of His Biography And Age 

Mike Pence was born on June 7, 1959, and he spent his early days in Colombus where he was born in the care of his parents Nancy Jane and Edward Joseph Pence Jr. He attended Hanover Colege and has a law degree which he obtained from Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law.

In his early career days, Pence worked as a conservative radio and TV talk show host before being elected to the United States Congress in 2000. This was after he had lost two bids between 1994 to 1999.

Since being elected to Congress in 2000, the former Indiana Governor has been working as a full-time elected official. First was standing in for Indiana’s 2nd congressional district as well as her 6th congressional district in the nation’s House of Representatives. While he held the position from 2001 to 2013, the self-declared conservative Christian also chaired House Republican Representatives from 2009 to 2011. Shortly after his stay at the Congress, the republican became the governor of the state of Indiana.

As the governor, Pence enforced some laws restricting some kinds of abortions especially ones that had anything to do with the child’s gender, race, or disability. He also signed some laws warning against discrimination regarding someone’s sexuality, gender, and other factors. These moves probably attracted Donald Trump in 2016 who picked Pence as his running mate during the much-talked-about presidential election. The politician who earlier canceled out his gubernatorial reelection campaign to grab this offer later became the Vice President of the United States as anticipated following Donald Trump’s election victory.

Is Mike Pence Gay?

Mike Pence is obviously not gay given his many anti-LGBT stances on issues concerning the community over the years. The politician unapologetically doesn’t support gay and has even funded gay conversion therapy which tends to change or improve people’s sexual orientation through spiritual or psychological involvement. He believes that gay people can be cured of their mentality.

Pence is also against gay people having equal right as straight people as he keeps undermining laws that tend to advocate for equal right for the LGBT community. Because of this, Adam Rippon, a US athlete said to be the first openly gay US Winter Olympian was annoyed when Mike Pence was picked to lead the 2018 US Olympic delegation to South Korea.

In view of the above, nobody would listen to anyone claiming that the vice president is attracted to his gender. Besides, the man is married to a woman.

Meet Pence’s Wife, Children & Other Family Members

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Mike Pence found the love of his life, Karen Pence while in Law school at Indiana University. The lovers walked down the aisle in 1985 and have stayed married since then. Their marriage produced three adorable grown children. His first son is currently a first lieutenant and a member of United States Marine Corps where he is training to be pilot. His first daughter Charlotte authored a children’s book about the White House Bunny which she had purchased for a student film project in college.

The book was later imitated by Jill Twiss in another children’s book titled A Day in Marlo Bundo’s life. The book details the same sex affair between the VP’s rabbit named Marlon Bundo and another rabbit all in a bid to criticize Mike Pence’s strong anti-gay views.

Pence’s youngest child is named Audrey. She graduated from Northeastern school and describes herself as socially liberal. Audrey is currently a law student at Yale and is already building her career in politics.

Other family members of Pence include his five siblings. His older brother Greg has an interest in representing Indiana’s 6th congressional district.

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What Is His Net Worth?

Vice President Mike Pence is not a billionaire like President Donald Trump. This is clearly because of the fact of him not being a businessman like Trump. The former governor is undoubtedly a political success since starting his career after school but that long stay in public service has not piled up wealth for him.

In fact, his wealth is based entirely on the value of his pension. Based on the former governor’s statement, he has a pension from the state of Indiana worth between $500,000 and $1 million. Meanwhile, as the vice president of the United States, he makes a good salary with impressive retirement benefits.

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