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Mike Tyson can be best described as one of the most terrifying human beings to ever step into a boxing ring. He had the personality of supreme Roman Gladiators and for some time, he was unbeaten and unbeatable. Never had a single character captivated the attention of the entire world through sport, except in the case of Mohammad Ali. Right from his childhood, Tyson had shown a healthy interest in boxing which was aided by his violent streak, uncanny demeanor and an unflinching resolve to violence in order to have his own way through situations and people, not to mention his massive weight of 200 pounds at age 13. Popularly recognized for his intimidating temperament and terrorizing power, the young Tyson wasted no time in ascending the ladder of success under the tutelage of Rooney and Cus D’Amato to earn his alias ‘the baddest man on the planet’ as well as “Iron Mike”.

Tyson earned more fame for crushing all his opponents with just a single blow, his leading performances took him right to the zenith of success when he made the records as the undisputed heavyweight champion worldwide. However, just as quickly as his journey up the success ladder was, Tyson took a nose dive down to the pitfalls, thanks to his flawed childhood, poor judgment as well as criminal behavior that ranged from rape convictions, incessant imprisonment, and of course biting off Evander Holyfield’s ear in the boxing ring which made the world to write him off as an untamed beast, incapable of existing outside the boxing ring. His attempts to make amends came to naught, making the former undisputed champion one of the most tragic figures in the history of American sports.

Mike Tyson’s Bio (Age)

His given name at birth was Michael Gerard Tyson and he was born on the 30th of June 1966 in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York. Though his birth certificate has Jamaican Purcell Tyson listed as his biological father, Mike Tyson has always known baseball player Jimmy Kirkpatrick as his father. The former boxer’s mother has been identified as Lorna Smith Tyson. His dad later succumbed to financial burdens and abandoned the family which necessitated in a move to Brownsville when was 10.

Right from his formative years, Mike Tyson has always been known to engage in fights, resorting to fisticuffs to take care of the problem of bullying and by the time he stepped one foot into his teenage years, he already had a record of 38 arrests for knocking out adult men from the streets.

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On the academic front, he attended Tryon School for Boys, located in Johnstown, New York and it was during his days in school that he attracted the attention of juvenile detention center counselor Bobby Stewart who was also an ex-boxer. Upon noticing Tyson’s exceptional boxing prowess, Stewart took him on and introduced the young boxer to Cus D’Amato after honing his skills a little.

Mike Tyson trained as a professional boxer with Amato and was under his full custody undergoing a rigorous training program. By day, he was a student at Catskill High School and by night, he was an aspiring boxing trainee. However, he did not stay to complete high school as he dropped out as a junior.

Wife, Children, Brother of Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson
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The former heavyweight champion grew up alongside two brothers, namely Rodney and Jimmie Lee Kirkpatrick his half brother from his father’s previous marriage. There was also a sister named Denise who died from cardiac arrest in 1991.

Mike Tyson has gone through three marriages and two divorces. First on the list was actress Robin Givens; their marriage which took place on the 7th of February 1988 was barely one-year-old before it crashed on the 14th of February 1989 following allegations of spousal abuse, violence and mental instability on Tyson’s part. Their time together was perhaps too short for them to have children.

The year 1997 saw the ex-boxing champion marry Monica Turner in a wedding ceremony which took place on the 19th of April. Tyson’s second marriage went the same way as the first when Turner who was then a pediatric resident serving with Georgetown University Medical Center located in Washington, D.C filed for a divorce on the grounds of infidelity. Their union came to an end on the 14th of February 2003 after two children namely Amir and Rayna.

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Mike Tyson exchanged marriage vows for the third time with Lakiha ‘Kiki’ Spicer on the 6th of June 2009, the duo is still together with two children Morocco (son) and Milan (daughter). The boxer also has other children namely D’Amato, Miguel and Mickey, including his late daughter Exodus who died in 2009 after she was found tangled in a cord hanging from a treadmill.

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He stands at 5 feet 10 inches or 178 cm weighing a total of 200 pounds. However, the details of his other body measurements are not known.

Net Worth

During the heydays of his boxing career, the undisputed champion was worth a whopping $300 million, however a review of Mike Tyson’s net worth in 2017 following bouts of spending sprees and declaring for bankruptcy in 2003, showed a net worth of $3 million.

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