Mind-Blowing Facts About Black Genetics

The black race has endured and equally enjoyed some benefits for being just the way they are.  While the environment greatly affect the traits in man, it has been found that genes also contribute to them. Latest discovery has shown the advantages that black people gladly enjoy because of their ancestry. Many Africans have been made to feel inferior because of their race to the point that some black people feel obliged to accept other people’s definitions of them. Without knowing it, Africans possess genes that reveal God’s priceless endowment on the black race. These advantages however have generated a whole lot of controversy stemming from the claims that all humans are closely similar and there hasn’t been any proof that genes determine the racial or ethnic composition of a person. Some call it scientific racism but as long as there are scientific facts to back up the “hypothesis”, it’s fine because the findings clearly speak for themselves.

1. Physical Strength

physical strength 2

Genes contribute to the physical strength of the human body. Coming from a race that values manual labor and was even victims of slavery because of their physical strength; little wonder why Africans naturally possess a level of strength.  Africans have a history of hard work, so it’s only expected that it shows in her descendants. Though endurance training enhances physical strength for people of all races, the black man naturally has the tendency to be stronger.