Stop Wishing…You Could Actually Have A See-Through Car For Real

On Thursday, a Mini Vision Next 100 concept car was unveiled in London. Before now there has been several successful attempts around the world in producing a transparent car.

At a recent car show in the United States- North American International Auto Show (NAIAS)- President Barack Obama was amazed at finally beholding the physical reality of having and feeling a translucent car.


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From the outside, you can see virtually all the internal features and properties of the car. Obama was utterly fascinated by the incredible sedan.

The transparent car was designed in such a way that the typically metal visible parts of a car were substituted with acrylic. That makes the car transparent.

TE Connectivity Transparent car

When cars become transparent the best bet is that you are seeing a sci-fi movie but this real. It sounds almost impossible that your car can actually be made with an acrylic see-through material, at least for the exterior features.

During a Frankfurt motor show in 2013, the world was stunned at the exhibition of the transparent car.  Many questions came to mind with the idea of having a near-invisible car.

The recently launched Mini Vision Next 100 is a subsidiary of Germany’s BMW (BAMXY), which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.

Since we have not come across any privately owned see-through car at the moment, it appears then that the car is a futuristic piece. For instance, John Plant, chairman and CEO of TRW Automotive believes transparent cars will be perfect in the nearest future.


The glossy and glassy ride is semi-automated. The car is packed with superb safety technology. The car has an active seat belt that “could help manage occupant energy during a crash”. It has airbags; an electrically powered steering system; and fuel saving benefits.

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The transparent car has an advanced radar that helps the driver to detect possible collisions. It also has an emergency braking system and an ‘improved pedal feel’ and performance.


The Mini Vision Next 100 concept launched yesterday shares some features with the initially exhibited transparent cars. For one it is semi-automated and a small portion of the car is transparent too.

The steering wheel can be moved to the person on the passengers seat, assuming the driver doesn’t feel like driving anymore.

Mini Vision Next 100 concept has a benched seat and quite portable in size. Occupants of the car could leave from which ever side they choose to.