Huruma Building Collapse

4 days after the Huruma building collapse in Nairobi, Kenya, a one and a half year old baby is rescued from the rubble. 

On Friday, a 2-year old 7-storey building collapsed in Nairobi. It is public knowledge that the residential structure which was erected at the edge of a river was not best suited for inhabitation.

The Kenyan floods also contributed to the Friday accident that saw the death of 7, many injured and about 135 rescued but displaced at the moment.

The building is said to have been marked for demolition. As a follow up on the statement of the Deputy governor of Kenya, the owner of the building, Samuel Karanja Kamau has been summoned to court to face a manslaughter charge.

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During the rescue operation, the Director of the National Disaster Operation centre, Nathan Macharia Kigotho, expressed his hunch that some were still under the rubble. He is recalled to have said this:

“We don’t want to use heavy machines because it is likely to crumble and crush them.”

As fate would have it the director was right after all. It turns out that it was a bright idea not to have used huge machines during the operation.

Huruma Building Collapse

4 days after the Huruma Building Collapse, the rescue team discovers the miracle of the moment. A one and a half baby girl was found, still alive. If the word miracle does not describe this, I wonder what does.

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The miracle baby was found dehydrated but had no visible injuries. According to the Red Cross, the baby was found at about 1:00 GMT (4:00 local time) and rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital. The baby was reportedly found in a bucket, wrapped in a blanket.

This miracle rescue has elated the gruelling search that has lingered into the 4th day. More bodies have been found in the rubble. But somehow the baby came out alive and less harmed.