Mirtha Jung – Bio, Net Worth, Everything About George Jung’s Ex-wife

It is commonplace to see couples collaborating to build successful businesses in different fields of life. However, the case of Mirtha Jung and her husband, George Jung is quite different as they were partners in crime. Mirtha Jung became popular for being the ex-wife and former colleague of infamous American drug Lord, George Jung. However, Mirtha and George’s marital life later found its pitfall in the same thing that brought them together – their drug-fraught lifestyle.

Despite having separated for many years, Mirtha Jung made it to the limelight following the release of Blow, a 2001 award-winning American biographical film which portrayed the life and drug business of her ex-husband, with Penélope Cruz and Johnny Depp respectively portraying her character and that of George. Read on to get all the details about Mirtha Jung, George Jung’s ex-wife.

Mirtha Jung Bio

She was born as Mirtha Calderon in the United States. While she is American by nationality, Mirtha has Cuban origins.

Mirtha started consuming hard drugs at a young age. She met George Jung, a drug smuggler towards the late 1970s. The duo reportedly met each other via Colombia drug contacts. After dating for some years, they married on March 22, 1977.

The first years of the couple’s marriage were blissful as they loved each other dearly. On 1st August 1978, they welcomed a baby girl named Kristina Sunshine. Howbeit, Mirtha and George’s lifestyle of drug dealing and addiction could not let the bliss last. Their union gradually went through numerous issues arising from substance abuse, eventually leading to their divorce in 1984.

Net Worth

The media is not yet settled on the exact figure of Mirtha Jung’s net worth. While some sources hold that she is worth up to a million dollars, others say that her net worth stands at some hundreds of thousands. However, during their drug smuggling days, Mirtha and her hubby reportedly earned up to $5 million daily and amassed over $100 million over the years from the business.

Facts About George Jung’s Ex-wife

1. Drug Dealing and Addiction

Mirtha Jung dealt on drugs alongside her husband, George. They were both members of Medeline Cartel, a notorious group of drug smugglers operating between Colombia and the United States most actively in the 70s and 80s. George Jung came to know about Medeline through a fellow inmate while serving a term at FCI Danbury, US for marijuana possession between 1974 and 1975. On marrying Mirtha, he introduced her to the cartel.

Meanwhile, Mirtha Jung was not only a drug dealer, she also consumed the controlled substances to the point of addiction. Mirtha’s addiction was so overwhelming that she was doing drugs both during and after pregnancy despite grave warnings from doctors and serious attempts to give up on the substances.

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2. Jail Term and Clean Up

Mirtha Jung’s drug life at some point earned her a three-year jail time. She was sentenced for drug possession. During her time in jail, she worked hard on herself and cleaned up, living free from substance abuse since after her release. Unlike Mirtha, George Jung continued with drug dealing, landing a 20-year jail term in 1994.

3. The Age Gap

Mirtha is ten years younger than her former husband, George. Although her birth date is not available, she is supposed to have been born in the early fifties and George was born in 1942. At the time of their meeting, she was reportedly 24 while Jung was around 34.

4. Her Daughter, Kristina
Mirtha Jung
Mirtha Jung’s ex-husband, George Jung with their daughter, Kristina Sunshine image source

George Jung left Mirtha all alone with their 6-year-old daughter, Kristina Sunshine Jung following their divorce. While she earlier served her prison term, the little girl stayed with her grandparents – Ermine and Fedrick Jung. They later took her to one of their daughters (Kristina’s aunt) Carrie who reportedly raised her till adulthood. Kristina has grown to become a poet and writer. She is also a businesswoman, managing her father’s clothing line, BG (Boston George) Apparel. She presently has two children with her husband, Romain Karan.

Mirtha practically cleaned up as well as stayed clean from drugs for the sake of her daughter, Kristina who is living a completely drug-free life. Emma Roberts portrayed Kristina’s character in Blow.

5. Life after Divorce

Following their separation, George Jung remarried while Mirtha stayed single. He married Ronda Clay Spinello who has a daughter, Clara Pearson from a previous relationship. Explaining why she has remained single in an interview, Mirtha revealed that her ex-husband is the only man she has ever loved.

The former Mrs. Jung presently maintains a low key life shielded from the media. She made her last public appearance after the release of Blow in 2001. The Texas newspaper had granted her an interview back then.


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