What You Didn’t Know About Misa Campo’s Rise to Fame as a Model and Her Fitness Routine 

Most people know Misa Campo as the stunning Canadian model who is also making waves on the picture-sharing platform, Instagram. Many also know that she has appeared on the cover of magazines such as FHM and has been named among the sexiest women in the world. However, not many know that before all the glitz and glam, Campo was just a regular bartender. It was her boss who encouraged her to try her hands at modeling and the results have been mind-boggling ever since.

From the Philippines to Indonesia, Campo has made an impact with alluring magazine covers and a few movie appearances. Hollywood is also not left out as the Canadian model has featured as a video vixen for the likes of Justin Timberlake. Boasting of an eclectic ancestry as well as multilingual abilities (she speaks French, English, and Filipino languages), Campo is poised to become an international star and we are here for it.

How Misa Campo Rose From Being A Car Show Model to Gracing International Magazine Covers

As a young girl growing up in the city of Montreal, Quebec Province, Canada, Misa Campo loathed school. She often skipped classes and this fetched her several expulsions. Her parents, however, managed to get her re-enrolled and she surprisingly ended up obtaining her high school diploma in record time. The girl, however, concluded that school wasn’t just for her and decided not to go to college. Having reached that decision, Misa Campo found a job as a bartender in a Montreal night club named Jet and System Night Club.

While working there, her boss noticed her naturally stunning looks and urged her to give car show modeling a shot. Campo’s employer did not stop at this juncture but also connected her to some talent agents. The young lady impressed the agents with her natural poise and elegance and soon landed a modeling gig at Sport Compact Performance Car Racing Show in Montreal. She went on to perform creditably well at the show and even took home the Miss Rocawear title for 2006.

She Worked With the Likes of Maxim, FHM, and SI

Following that impressive debut, Campo got other professional gigs and later moved to Los Angeles in order to get more opportunities. That move saw her career hit a steady upsurge. She has landed spots in magazines such as Maxim and DragSports (where she was named Model of the Month for the December edition). The Montreal native has also appeared in reputable publications such as FHM Magazine (February 2011), Version C Models Magazine, Uno, and Sports Illustrated (2018).

Campo has also modeled for several fashion brands including Visual Apparel. She featured in a stylish and sexy photoshoot for the brand in 2015. The photos were done by Van Styles and featured the Canadian in a black outfit against a white background. The only pop of color in the monochrome shot was a red couch as well as the red bottoms of the Louboutin shoes that Campo was wearing.

Asides Modeling, Misa Campo Has Other Revenue Sources

Apart from mainstream modeling, Misa Campo has expertly mined the powers of Instagram in order to boost her popularity and fame. She joined the social media platform in 2013 and often posts tasteful and gorgeous photos of herself on her handle. This has increased her popularity tremendously; her followers run into hundreds of thousands on Instagram and about 1.6 million followers on Facebook. Her presence on the platform has become an income-generating avenue as she is paid handsomely to promote items from various fashion brands. All these have contributed to her impressive net worth of $1 million.

Another avenue that has helped the Canadian native build up a fortune is acting. She appeared in the video for Justin Timberlake’s 2013 single, Suit and Tie. She was also part of the main cast for the 2011 Indonesian movie, Pacar Hantu Perawan. The movie also featured popular Indonesian singer, Dewi Perssik, as Mandy while Misa portrayed one of her sisters.

How The Instagram Model Maintains Her Physique

Given the fact that she is a professional model, one would expect Misa Campo to have some impressive stats and she does not disappoint. The Canadian national is of average height, 5 feet 6 inches tall (1.68m), and has a slim build weighing 125lbs or 57kg. She also has the highly sought-after hourglass shape comprising of bust – 34 inches (86cm), waist – 24 inches (60cm), and hips – 34 inches (86cm). Other additional features are luxuriant brown hair, as well as a pair of captivating brown eyes.

All these attributes make her tick every box for a model. Sadly, she is yet to make definite revelations on her fitness regimen, skin, and hair care. It is, however, a given that she must be devoted to a consistent regimen to help her main her alluring figure. This is especially in light of her confession that she is a foodie who has a weakness for Filipino foods such as Lumpia (a popular spring-roll type snack).

Misa Campo
Campo (2nd left) with some of her friends – Misa Campo/Instagram

A Look At Misa Campo’s Love Life

Misa Campo may be willing to share on many aspects of her life but her love life remains off-bounds. There are no details on any past or present relationships and this has led to several speculations including rumors that she is gay.

What we do know for sure that Campo has revealed about her love life is that she would love to settle down and have a family of her own someday. She has also listed some of her ideal qualities in a guy. The model is looking for someone who is passionate, intellectual, level-headed but still has a wild side to them.

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