Apostle Suleiman's Attempted Arrest

Apostle Suleiman’s Attempted Arrest – Misplacement of priority is when the Nigerian government cowardly ignores the evils perpetrated by an ethnic group but chooses to victimize Christian figures who have dared to speak up.

With subsequent killings in the country, one would wonder why the federal government is more alert in making unwarranted incarcerations than they are in addressing the persistent Fulani massacres?

In a supposed democratic country, it is not just bizarre but suspicious that victims of the law are people who point out a problem with the ruling party.

Critics and Nigerian patriots have called out to the presidency to check his seeming nepotistic and tribalistic tendencies.

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For over a year, Nigerian homegrown terrorists under the common identity of Fulani herdsmen have succeeded in reducing the citizens from the southeast Nigerian and Christians in general to endangered species.

With the recent killing of nearly 1000 persons in Southern Kaduna, many clerics have reacted in unprecedented ways.

Unprecedented in the sense that for a change Christians were and are advised to defend themselves and not cower under the religious cover of not returning an eye for an eye.

First Nigerian Pastor Adeboye was harassed into suddenly stepping down as the G.O of his church. Now, Nigerians allege that the government has not fully declared their stand in the continuous clash between Christians and the Fulani Herdsmen.

It was overly inappropriate that El-Rufai, Kaduna State governor saw the wisdom in appeasing terrorists who have butchered over 800 lives; yet these culprits remain “invisible” for the Nigerian authorities to make at least one arrest since 2016.

If there was any form of regard for the rule of law, perhaps there should have been at least one arrest since 2016 but till date, Fulani herdsmen have become ghosts who are only physical when they attack.

Concerns have gone into the presence and efficiency of security forces like the police and military in the rural areas.

The ease in attacking Christians in their communities and not facing the full wrath of the law points to a tremendous fault in Nigerian governance and the criminal justice system in particular.

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Taking up courage like many other clerics have, Apostle Johnson Suleiman of The Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide in Ado Ekiti, during a church program, encouraged Christians to bravely defend themselves.

Report from Vanguard narrates that the cleric was trailed by the Nigerian DSS who attempted to arrest him in the middle of the night after his crusade.

“I received several calls from hidden numbers trying to locate where I am and I had warned my security not to allow any Fulani man to come nearer me. So when the men of DSS came in the middle of the night I knew their mission and I had to call the Governor because if they arrest me, they will put this country in fire.”

Apostle John reportedly called the State governor, Fayose, who also attended the program.

“I personally attended his crusade and I think it is wrong for a man of God who is armless that could be invited if they have any issue against him. Are Christians and Moslems under different dispensation of the rule of law? That’s why I went there to rescue him. Let them kill two of us together. But when they saw my vehicles and the crowd, they fled.”

“This is unacceptable, We are in a democracy and Nigerians should warn the Presidency against putting this country on fire because religion is an emotional thing.”

With an indifferent President who chose a vacation over tackling the pathetic state of bombed IDP camp victims, the Nigerian government may just be setting up the country for an irreparable damage.

Fani Kayode

Former aviation minister Fani-Kayode has applauded Governor Fayose for foiling the arrest attempt by the DSS.