Miss Rwanda Will Be At The 2016 Miss World Beauty Pageant

Rwanda is set to make history as the East African country gets represented at the Miss World beauty pageant for the first time.

19-year old Jolly Mutesi, the current Miss Rwanda is set to represent her country at the Miss World beauty pageant. She is a graduate of King David High School, who represented the Southern Province in the preliminaries.

Winning Miss Rwanda granted her a brand-new Suzuki Swift worth Rwf15 million, courtesy of Cogebanque, a local bank. As well as a monthly salary of Rwf800,000.

Mutesi plans to use all these to promote her country’s domestic tourism among other philanthropic acts. Being able to represent her country at the international pageant is seen by the 19-year-old as an opportunity for the betterment of her country.

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Mutesi plans to use this new platform to change the narrative that has plagued Rwanda for long — the Rwandan Genocide.

Twenty-two years after the gruesome event that saw many Tutsis murdered by the minority Hutus, the country is still identified by it.

jolly mutesi miss rwanda 2016
Jolly Mutesi

“This is a prime opportunity to lift up my country’s flag worldwide. Though it’s a stiff competition, I’m prepared to try my best and do whatever it takes at the apex of my ability. Hope for the best because a competition remains a competition,” Jolly Mutesi said.

Dieudonne Kagame Ishimwe the CEO of the organizers of the Miss Rwanda beauty pageant, Rwanda Inspiration Back Up Ltd echoed Mutesi’s musings over the chance to be at the Miss World Beauty pageant,

Very often Rwanda is associated with the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. When you say you come from Rwanda, many people still show pity and ask how we’re coping. This will be another opportunity to showcase what else Rwanda has to offer as well as the potential of Rwandans.

We’re optimistic that this will serve as a great platform for us to show the world where Rwanda is today. We’re hopeful that Mutesi’s intelligence, eloquence, and positive attitude will make an indelible mark at the world event. The ultimate goal is to showcase our country and the progress it has made.

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Miss World 2016 is scheduled to happen in Washington DC on the 20th of December as Spain’s Mireia Lalaguna passes the crown to… another African queen, Jolly Mutesi perhaps?