Miss Africa USA Miss Africa USA Pageant

Miss Africa United States was a beauty pageant that thrived back in 2014.

VISION: The Vision of the Miss Africa USA Pageant was driven by the potential and capacity of the empowered African woman, she is a leader, she is ambitious and she is very savvy, ready to take on responsibilities and focused on changing the world around her.

THERE WERE DOCUMENTATIONS ON MISS AFRICA USA PAGEANT QUEENS AND DELEGATES AT WORK, SERVING THEIR COMMUNITIES such as Queen Nyasha Zimucha spending Christmas with Sick children in Hospitals giving them hope in 2008,  supporting Diamond Empowerment Fund.

Beauty Queen Meron Wudneh Helped Ethiopia’s Homeless Children and Orphans Affected with HIV/AIDS

Miss Africa USA, Meron Wudneh was a special guest at the 2014 FORBES BEST OF AFRICA CELEBRATION held September 23 2014. The celebration which took place at the Forbes Galleries in New York was an annual celebration to showcase the best that Africa has to offer in the following categories: Business, Technology, Politics, Sports, Entertainment, etc.

Miss Africa USA Met The President of Tanzania in Washington DC

Miss Africa USA Attended Reception at The United Nations Marking The Closing of The 68th General Assembly

Miss Africa USA Pageant Traditional African Girl Showcase