Micheal Jordan Gives Back With A $500,000 Investment

Recent report on Monday shows that NBA legend, Michael Jordan, amongst other top donors of NBA’s Charlotte Hornets have invested about $500,000 into the city’s literacy programs.

Michael Jordan made the announcement before the traditional Swarm to Serve community service of the basketball team. He practically owns The Charlotte Hornets.

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The former professional American basketball player has become a successful entrepreneur and business man. In 2015, Micheal made it as one of the newest entrants into the world’s billionaire club, the first ever in NBA history.

The basketball living legend took up business full-time upon his retirement. The champ still earns an estimated annual pay of $90-$100 million for his business deals and investments. Fortunately he still knows the essence and relevance of Corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Observers of the Charlotte Hornets confirm that the $500,000 grant is twice the amount last year. The money will be plunged into the improvement of education in North Carolina community.

The idea is that the money will see to the stocking of 18 libraries in community centers, education non-profits, preschools and child care centers in low-income areas. Charity organizations will also benefit from the grant.

“When I took over majority control of the team, one of the biggest impacts I wanted … was to reconnect back to the community. I felt (that connection) was lost a little bit with the previous ownership, and I felt it was very important.”– Michael Jordan

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With a 15 year career salary of $90 million, the five time NBA MVP award winner has pursued philanthropic causes earlier than now. He has carried out charitable causes in health, hunger relief, the military, education and literacy.

Michael Jordan is the spokesperson for a number of top international brands. In 2009, he was inducted into the basketball Hall of Fame.