5 Things You Need To Know About The Model Tiffany Taylor

A large number of women who became famous in the modeling industry owe the fame they have to the opportunity that was granted to them by the Playboy franchise. Tiffany Taylor happens to be one of such women. From the pages of Playboy magazines to appearing on TV shows and eventually becoming an entrepreneur, Tiffany has risen through the ranks in the modeling industry and has made a name for herself.

Biography Of Tiffany Taylor

There is not a lot of information available on this model’s background, but it is known that she was born and named Susan Hanson on the 17th of July, 1997 in Leesburg Virginia to parents of American descent whose marriage ended when she was still a child. Of her parents she is closer to her dad, as he is the only one she has featured on her social media page, she has also revealed that they visit shooting clubs together. When her father’s marriage with her mom split up she was ten, her father was the one who got sole custody of her and by the time she was thirteen her father remarried.

Tiffany Taylor’s formal education began at the Loudoun Country Day School also known as LCDS, Taylor was at Loudoun till the seventh grade. After her father got married to her stepmother the family moved to Maryland, this was where she completed her high school education and even her tertiary education. It was at a coed catholic school she finished high school. Tiffany has a degree in criminology and criminal justice from the University of Maryland; she graduated from there in 2002.

5 Things You Need To Know About The Model

  • Playboy Stint

Tiffany Taylor had always had pride in her body and the way she looks. This is why she had no problems working at a branch of Hooters, she worked there even when she was still in high school. It was while she worked at Hooters that she was noticed by photographers who asked she modeled for them. But the biggest boost to her career was getting noticed by a Playboy photographer during a Hawaiian Tropic competition. By 1998 she was the November Playmate, which led to her signing up as a model for the Playboy franchise and appearing in more than 30 of their print publications.

  • Investments

In an interview, Tiffany Taylor revealed that she has a keen interest in investments and economic practices that are bound to yield profits for her. When she started modeling, Taylor decided that she would be frugal with her money, and one of the first things she decided to do was invest in the stock market while saving money as well. As time went by, she decided to take her savings and earnings from the stock market and invest in real estate. She has revealed that she has flipped three properties and still continues to invest in real estate till date.

  • Lauralei Lingerie

One of the other entrepreneurial attempts by Tiffany Taylor is the creation of her lingerie line, Lauralei Lingerie. She was supposed to create it with a friend and the business was filed as a corporate entity in 2013, but the plans they had did not come to fruition. Tiffany Taylor had hoped to create lingerie that exudes elegance femininity and sexiness.

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  • She Aspired To Join The Police

As earlier mentioned, Tiffany Taylor has a degree in criminology and criminal justice. The choice to get a degree in this course was fueled by her desire to work with the police. She has stated in the past that if she wasn’t working in the modeling industry, she would be a cop. She has also revealed that men in uniforms are a big turn on for her which just goes to show that she has always had an eye for the force. Her affinity with guns, thanks to her dad, was also a determinant in her wanting a career in law enforcement.

  • Relationship Timeline

Tiffany Taylor is a sex symbol and the work she has done with the Playboy franchise has exposed her to a plethora of people, especially men. But in all her career and for all the time she has been famous, never has this model been linked to a man romantically. Taylor has managed to keep all of her romantic relationships under wraps.


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