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Mohamed Salah is an outstanding Egyptian footballer who plays for his home country and English Club, Liverpool. He is recognized for his speed, dribbling and finishing. Since he began his profession as a footballer, he has risen fast and has gained respect from many people across the world for his exploits with Liverpool. He is a recipient of the 2017 African Footballer of the Year, and was listed as on of the 100 most influential people in the world (2019), among many others.

In his country’s football, Mohamed holds the record of the highest scorer in the CAF Africa Cup of Nations qualification (2017) with the total number of 14 goals. On several occasions, Salah has been called different names such as Mo Salah, Egyptian Messi, Egyptian King, and even Pharaoh.

Mohamed Salah Biography (Age)

He was born as Mohamed Salah Ghaly in Nagrig, Basyoun, Egypt, on June 15, 1992. Salah’s educational background is not very well known. However, records have it that the African star did not excel very much in his academics. On the other hand, he knew he had  for soccer and decided to work on it.

Mohammed Salah’s dreams began to come to fulfillment in 2010 when he became a player for Egyptian Premier League Club, El Mokawloon after which he joined Basel the Swiss Club, Basel where he began showcasing his skill at the top level of European sport. He drew the attention of the top Clubs when he scored the goal that helped Basel make history of winning Chelsea for the second time in a home game.

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Mohamed Salah became part of the Chelsea family after the England Club publicized in 2014 that the deal with Basel to bring Salah had been wrapped. As always, Salah went for goals for Chelsea. However, his being part of the team was cut short when he was loaned to Fiorentina in 2015.

In August 2015, Mohamed Salah joined Roma FC on loan of 5 million Euros with an option to make the contract a permanent one. For his stay with the football club, Salah appeared in several competitions, wore the number 11 Jersey and worked his way to get goals for the team which include scoring the first goal against his immediate past team, FC Fiorentina. In 2016, Salah Roma made his deal permanent. He scored goals against Udinese, Sampdoria, Astra Giurgiu, Napoli, and many others.

In 2017, Salah settled to transfer to Liverpool where he signed a contract for 50 million Euros. As in Roma, he wore the number 11 Jersey. His joining the Reds made him become the first Egyptian player of the team as well as the fastest Liverpool player to score 50 Premier League Goals in 69 games in 2018-2019 season.

Aside from the clubs he has played for,  Mohamed Salah is known for playing for his country, Egypt since 2011 where he became part of the U-20 team as well as the Olympic games in 2012, CAF African Cup of Nations, 2018 FIFA World Cup and a host of others.

What is Mohammed Salah’s Net Worth?

Salah reportedly earns 120,000 pounds a week and is estimated to be worth $24 million dollars. He makes a fair deal from sponsorships and endorsements.

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Mohammed Salah
Mohammed Salah and Daughter

Salah has a life aside from the football life. In 2013, he got married to Magi and had their daughter in 2014. Her name is Makka, named after the Islamic holy land, Mecca.

What is Mohamed Salah’s Height?

Salah isn’t one of the tallest guys on the pitch. What he lacks in height, he makes up for with a low center of gravity and speed. He stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 71kg.

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Facts About The Footballer

  1. Mohamed Salah is a Muslim who is not shy of showing it to the world as has been seen performing sujood after scoring goals.
  2. He is reported to not celebrate any goal he scores any of his former clubs as a sign of respect.
  3. He is the fastest Liverpool player to score 50 Premier League Goal: 69 games in 2018-2019, first player to outscore three Premier League team in a Premier League season: West Brom (31), Swansea City (28) and Huddersfield Town (28) in 2017-2018, UEFA Golden Boy (2012), and Football Supporters Federation Player of the Year (2018) among many other titles he won himself.
  4. He is known for charity especially in Nagrig, his home town. He also makes donations mainly for the development of his people and community.
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