Charity May Not Always Begin At Home With This Nigerian Money Bag

Mohammed Indimi is a Nigerian business mogul who has shocked all and sundry with the mind blowing generosity of donating as much as $14 million (N4.2 Billion) to Lynn University in the United States.

At a time of severe austerity measures in Nigeria, this particular million dollar gift will not be forgotten in a hurry. In fact many Nigerians are not smiling over this.

Billionaires like Dangote are praised for putting in efforts, commitment and devotion to salvage the Nigerian economy. And here we have a capable hand who would rather invest in a society that can well take care of itself with or without his money.

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Mohammed Indimi is the 2015 39th richest African billionaire and the 10th richest Nigerian according to Forbes. The father of 8 is ranked on a net worth of about $500 million.

He is the CEO and leading shareholder of Nigerian Oil enterprise, Oriental Energy Resources. Found in 1990, the oil firm has survived over 2 decades of successful operations in the country.

Mohammed Indimi

It is rare to have a faculty in an international institution to bear the name of an African. A new business center in Lynn University, Florida has been named after the Nigerian money bag. This is a nice feat. However, knowing that it was all possible from a $14 million gift from a Nigerian at this time is disturbing for most Nigerians.

Mohammed Indimi is a self-made billionaire with oil wells in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. It is general knowledge that militants from this region are agitating for belated compensation and settlements for the damages and pollution that oil firms, both local and international have dealt on them.

Many Nigerians who are not happy with Mohammed’s billion dollar gesture thinks he would have thought it wise to at least try some of that billion dollar goodness in the Niger Delta region. Considering that his wealth comes from the natural endowment of this region.

But when every rich man in the country has the culture of sending their children out to study in well-developed countries, it is no surprise that they feel indebted to these institutions. Perhaps this is his way of showing gratitude to the school, since 6 of his children studied there.

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People argue that the seeming choice of self-aggrandizement in a community that virtually does not depend on his philanthropy is a misplaced priority.

It’s almost like this, you make millions of dollars from the Nigerian soil; contribute to the degeneration of the environment; but do not give back to the community. Instead, Nigerians only read about your deafening generosity in the United States.

Mohammed Indimi hails from Borno State but there has not been any known support from him to help the insurgency-devastated region. Instead, Nigerians read reports that their prominent son was “the lead donor of Lynn’s newest faculty, the $14 million Mohammed Indimi International Business Centre.”

When many schools in his home state and the Niger Delta lack vital educational facilities, this Nigerian billionaire felt more peace to erect an out of the world structure for a financially updated institution in the United States.

It is true that the money is his but giving back to the society that gives you identity is an obligatory social responsibility.