Insights Into Mollie Gates Marriage To Thomas Middleditch and Why They Divorced

Thomas Middleditch is not your traditional Hollywood star, but he is a star, nonetheless. He rose to prominence with his role as the awkward and socially inept tech genius on HBO’s Silicon Valley. That rise in popularity led to an increased interest in his personal life which revealed he was married to Mollie Gates.

Over time, we have come to learn a lot about Gates. She is a costume designer, one of the less celebrated professions in the filmmaking process. We also gained some interesting insights into their short-lived marriage, all of which we have condensed into a fascinating piece for you.

Mollie Gates And Thomas Middleditch Met On Set

The two met in 2012 while they were working on the set of a film in Louisiana. The sparks must have been really strong as just after a mere four months after they met, she moved from New Orleans to Los Angeles.

They continued to date for three years until late 2014 when they decided to take things to the next level. The couple reportedly got engaged in December and tied the knot less than a year later in August 2015. They married in a secret ceremony held in Middleditch’s hometown, Cottonwood Lake.

While the couple never had any children, their status and career grew together. Thomas’s rise as a comedy star continued with tours around the country. At the same time, Mollie worked on productions like Togetherness, Comedy Bang! Bang! And Palm Springs.

Mollie And Thomas Were Active Swingers

Tales of Hollywood couples being in open relationships is not exactly a new phenomenon. However, there are very few that are publicly admitted to swinging. While they were married, Mollie Gates and Thomas Middleditch were swingers, i.e., they regularly had sex with other people in sex parties.

In what he later admitted to being a foolhardy move, Thomas revealed in 2019 that the couple is in an open marriage. According to him, he introduced the arrangement into their marriage shortly after their wedding, and Mollie graciously accepted.

Mollie Gates
Mollie and Thomas attended a lot more than fancy parties: image source

On why the couple took the unconventional route, he claimed they agreed they have different speeds, mainly when it came to sex. They also agreed there was no reason for the other to feel unseen and invalidated in their marriage. The decision, according to him, saved their marriage.

Aside from having other sexual partners, the couple also attends swingers’ clubs. They once notably went on a double date with King of the Monsters writer, Zach Shields.

The Cause Of Their Divorce Remains Unknown

Unfortunately, their willingness to embrace the unconventional lifestyle was not enough to keep Mollie Gates and Thomas Middleditch from the grim hands of divorce. The costume designer filed for divorce from the comedian-actor on May 28, 2020.

According to her filing, the two separated six days before, on May 22, 2020. So far, the exact cause of their divorce remains a secret. Officially, Mollie cited irreconcilable differences in the court documents. Following news of the end of their marriage, speculations arose about its possible causes.

A popular theory puts the cause on the fallout from his infamous interview with Playboy. He admitted months after the interview that he regretted divulging the details about the couple’s sex life to the public. Considering Thomas suggested his wife might be mad at him, some are connecting the divorce to the ill-advised interview.

Mollie Gates
Once a delightful sight on red carpets, Thomas and Mollie are no more: image source

One middle of the road theory is exploring the open relationship itself. During the interview, Thomas admitted that despite having an open relationship, there are still rules about who and what they allowed to bring into the bedroom. The theory is suggesting Thomas may have broken said rules, causing Mollie to want out of the marriage.

While both theories sound intriguing, neither has been confirmed by either party. But, considering Thomas’ public persona is not that far off from his Silicon Valley character, an official answer might be in our collective near future. As for the divorce process itself, it is expected to be a relatively smooth process.

However, the couple was notably writing a series about the experiences of their sex life before the divorce. With Mollie Gates and Thomas Middleditch no longer together, the fate of the awaited series remains unknown.

Interesting Tidbits About Mollie Gates

If it seems as though every conversation about Mollie Gates occurs through the lens of her relationship with Thomas Middleditch, that is because it does, and it is by design. Aside from the industry limitation of her profession, she also has a limited public presence. Regardless, we have compiled some of the facts worth learning about the costume designer.

Mollie Gates Was Born In Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The costume designer was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in the year 1988. Nevertheless, she grew up in Los Angeles, California. She has guarded the actual date of her birth religiously, so the year is all that is available. Despite this, she has been very open about the fact that her interest in fashion and design peaked at a very young age. Based on that, she went on to study it at Louisiana State University.

She Started Her Career At Paper Magazine

While she was getting her degree, she got her internship done at Paper Magazine. The experience was completely worth it because it landed her a job as a celebrity stylist in the big apple. In the year 2010, she designed costumes for the movie Sex and the City 2.

From that point, her work got proper recognition, rustling up more jobs on prominent sets. 2011 and 2012 were fully booked for Mollie as she worked on Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2. That pulled in more opportunities for her as she designed on the sets of Django Unchained and Flying Monkeys. Some other movies she has worked on include The Loft (2014), Search Party (2014), The Bronze (2015) as well as the TV show Togetherness (2016).

She Believes In Making Her Own Luck

Some people sit back and let life happen to them. However, Mollie Gates is not one of them. The fact that she got to work on the set of the Twilight movies was no act of luck. Mollie sent out an email to the producers and they responded with positive feedback. It was luck, but she had a hand in it.

Mollie Gates’ Life Post-Thomas Remains A Mystery

The wife of the Silicon Valley superstar has zero known presence on social media. Although there are a few Mollie Gates accounts on Instagram, none of them belongs to her. As a result, we cannot categorically speak to her whereabouts post-separation.

However, professionally, it appears she is still going strong in the industry. Following a four-year hiatus in 2016, she expanded her credits as a costume shopper for the July 2020 film, Palm Springs.


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