7 Things You Didn’t Know About Molly Brazy And Her Music Career

Only a few ladies have been able to make an impact on the rap genre of music in the music industry and one of the ladies who has successfully fitted into the male-dominated genre is the Detroit-born Molly Brazy. She is a rapper and songwriter who is most notable for her hit songs, ‘GANG’, and ‘More Facts’. Most of her songs are strong, brutal and honest as they have perfectly reflected the hardships, abuses, and the struggles she has faced while growing up. She sure knows how to shake the game when it comes to making a name on her own as all she needed was a common platform for SoundCloud and YouTube to equate the listeners with rhythmical raps of their choice.

Hiding her emotions within herself, Molly Brazy has never stopped grinding and working hard which has helped her to work her way out through rough and hard times. But as her reputation grew, controversies followed and she has been making headlines a lot and mostly for her notorious bad girl habits of gun addictions. But how much do you know about this talented rapper? Just before we go into some juicy facts you didn’t know about Molly Brazy, let’s take a brief look at her bio.


The versed songwriter was born as Molly Brazo on 22nd February 1999 in Detroit, Michigan. Born into a family of four, she had a rough childhood and life became tougher when she lost her father at a very young age through multiple gunshots. She was raised alongside her older brother, Rodney by her mother, Carmika in the Joy Road borough of Detroit. Regarding her ethnicity and nationality, Molly Brazy is African American.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Molly Brazy And Her Music Career

1. Her Introduction To Rap Music

Molly Brazy
Molly Brazy (left) and Trina (image source)

Having grown up in a neighborhood where rap music is so much adored, Molly Brazy was greatly influenced by Nicki Minaj whom she disclosed that she looks up to. While growing up, everyone around her had their own favorite rap artist they loved listening to as her brother loved listening to Doughboy Cashout and her aunties loved Biggie Smalls and 2Pac‘s songs. She was so attached to her brother who had a rap group that often practiced freestyles. After freestyling with them once, she developed a strong affinity toward rap music and started making her own raps at the age of 10.

2. Her Expulsion From High School and The Effects

After her brother, Rodney was incarcerated, Molly Brazy became very bitter and aggressive which in turn affected her studies as she began to dodge classes and was always involved in fights which resulted to her expulsion from high school. Since the expulsion occurred in the morning, she became bored at home and brought out an old rap she wrote the previous week and recorded its freestyle version with a camera. She reluctantly uploaded the freestyle version on her Instagram account and within 7 days, it attracted over twelve thousand likes as it went viral. Before long, people started booking her for shows and since she doesn’t have any other song, Brazy started to write raps and record more songs. With the help of 4Sho Magazine’s YouTube channel which has all her songs as she is a regular feature, she became an instant star overnight.

3. Molly Brazy’s Controversy

Footage showing the Detroit-born rapper, Molly Brazy pointing a gun at a toddler whom she identified as her friend’s cousin was uploaded on Facebook by a fellow rapper, G’Mac Cash in early 2007. The video attracted heavy backlash from the public as well as prompting an investigation by the Detroit Police which went to the extent of involving the cyber crimes expert who looked into it. However, her manager disclosed through Fox 2 that Brazy was regretful of the whole situation and further revealed that it was a toy gun she used in the video.

4. She is Starting a New Life

Following her relocation to Atlanta in October 2018, Molly Brazy is working on herself and lifestyle as she doesn’t want to go back to her old life of gangsta living. She stated that back in Detroit, she’s used to being on the block, pulling up to her friend’s house and chilling on the porch or in the parking lot but not anymore now. She doesn’t want people to feel like since she was a gangsta, she has to be a gangsta all her life. She further disclosed that she wants to be a role model for many, especially those that have the same rough background like hers.

5. Her Albums and Singles

So far, Molly Brazy has released four albums namely; ‘Molly World’ (2017), ‘Big Brazy’ (2017), ‘Queen Pin’ (2018), and ‘Built To Last’ (2019). Her hit singles include ‘Trust None’, ‘These Bitches’, ‘2 Faced’, ‘Lately’, ‘Fight Me’, ‘Let It Blow’ featuring Cuban Doll, ‘Raw’ featuring Joseph McFashion and many others.

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6. She is a Tattoo Addict

Molly Brazy is a tattoo freak as she has over 17 tattoos on her body which includes her year of birth inked in Roman numerals (Est. MGMXGIX), brother’s name, mother’s name, machine gun, bow, cross, rose, dollar bills to mention but few.

7. She is a Businesswoman

Aside from being a music artist, Molly Brazy is an entrepreneur as she has established her own clothing label that comprises of T-shirts (Big Brazy, Brazy Babies).


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