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Molly Grantham is a journalist extraordinaire who has pushed her way to fame in the field through sheer hard work and immense dedication. Her struggle saw her take defined steps which were characterized by persistence in doing what she believed to be her duty at reporting. The two-time Emmy Award winner carved a niche for herself and has done well in becoming a name to reckon with.

With Grantham’s prowess, she has worked in diverse fields of journalism, including investigative journalism. The broadcaster didn’t stop there as she has engaged in different charitable works, especially as it concerns cancer patients. In addition to the foregoing, she is a dedicated wife and a caring mother.

Amid Her Roles As A Mother, Molly Grantham Managed To Push Her Way To Success

Since she became part of WBTV News in 2003, the veteran journalist has been given the opportunity to cover many stories and produce documentaries relating to societal issues like gangs, terrorism, military, and lots more. She also took coverage of the battle to legalize cannabis oil in North Carolina.

In the course of discharging her duties at the media outfit, Molly Grantham became a wife and a mother, but that did not douse her excellent performance one bit. Rather, she went ahead to clinch a good number of awards and Emmy nominations in the total number of 9. Important to point out that the broadcaster’s career success did not affect her role at the home front as she seems to have both work and home under firm control.

Molly’s award-winning documentaries seem to have really penetrated into different parts of the world as only NC Gang Investigator’s Association made 5,000 copies of one of her documentaries. Molly is also the author of the book entitled “Small Victories”. She recently released her second book The Juggle is Real. The popular journalist has also been included in medical stories like pediatric cancer, and she’s often featuring several amazing kids on her social media to the appreciation of her followers. Molly is also involved in Charlotte’s cancer community which is something close to the reporter’s heart, as her family suffered from it.

Her Broadcast Career Took Off In 1999 

Molly Grantham’s foray into journalism was not a matter of happenstance; the television anchor equipped herself for the role by opting for a degree in Broadcast Journalism which was accomplished at the University of North Carolina. Upon her graduation in 1999, the aspiring reporter took up an internship opportunity at ABC TV (Australian Broadcast Corporation) located in Sydney.

Grantham’s career progression has been a very fascinating one decorated with a good number of meaningful experiences garnered while working with different media houses both big and small. She started her broadcasting career in 1999 as a reporter working with WTVD-TV in Raleigh-Durham; this was a part-time gig. In a bid to get something more permanent, she devised means of reaching out to other media outfits.

Molly Grantham Was Creative In Selling Herself To Reputable Networks

In search of a more permanent fixture, Molly Grantham made VHS tapes of her reporting job with WTVD-TV and sent them to over 70 stations across the country in the hopes that better offers would come her way when they see how much zeal she has for her work.

Fortunately, WLEX-TV in Lexington, Kentucky reached out after watching the video and hired her. The young reporter worked there for over 3 years after which she desired bigger challenges. Once more, Grantham sent her work tapes to different stations in search of newer frontiers to wrestle. Her tape was a bit more robust this time as she had more shows on it. Molly’s method worked the second time around as WBTV News, located in Charlotte got hold of her clips; they were impressed and offered her a nice deal, which she accepted and that is where she is currently working.

The Journalist Has Won Several Honors In Her Career Life

At the top of her list of awards are a couple of Emmys (won in 2008 and 2014) and she has been a nine-time Emmy nominee. She got the surprise of her life in 2010 when the “Promise of One“ from Charlotte’s Susan G. Komen honored her with an award for her duty towards the fight against cancer. Molly Grantham also won the Green Eyeshade Awards for ‘Public Service‘ in 11 states in the southeast region.

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Old picture. Many of you know its significance. Every September 1st, for eight years, I've kicked off a thirty-part series for pediatric cancer awareness month. "30 Kids. 30 Stories. 30 Days." Why? Because kids who fight cancer are the most innocent of warriors. Because pediatric cancer is one of the most underfunded cancers when it comes to research. Because 46 kids are diagnosed every day. So every single September morning since 2012, you could log onto Facebook and read a story about a child who battled or was battling. Families were raw in their honesty about what kids faced. Many of you shared those posts, helping educate others. That night, you could see their stories on @WBTV_News at 11p. I know how cancer hurts families. My mom died of breast cancer. My dad died of colon cancer. My grandfather died of pancreatic cancer. I am fully aware cancer is terrible for all ages, and will never apologize for fighting for adults who battle as well. But there is something about a child. Something about a kid who knows nothing of the world yet hearing they have "osteosarcoma." Or, "rhabdomyosarcoma." Or, "DIPG." Names difficult to pronounce or filled with initials that stand for nightmarish medical horrors. Some as young as 6-weeks-old. Some starting their senior year of high school and their entire future changes in one doctor visit. These kids need our attention, love, funding, and research. This year, I can't write a 30-part series due to maternity leave, homeschooling, and being unable to work in the studio to produce stories for the 11pm news. I hate missing it, but I also don’t want to let September 1st come and go without saying something. This morning I posted a list on Facebook of local pediatric cancer charities and asked you to include any others you support in comments. Please go there >> >> to find them or add your own. Link in bio. Many people commented with photos of their own kids who were diagnosed. I screen-grabbed a few… swipe ➡️. It’s important to do something, even spreading the word that September is important. Thank you for reading this. -Molly #MollysKids

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The journalist’s reports are often honored by RTNDAC (Radio & Television News Directors Association of the Carolinas) and the Associated Press. She co-produced and hosted an hour-long special, “The Sobering Truth: Underage Drinking in Charlotte”, which was nationally recognized for Excellence in Reporting. Charlotte viewers have regularly named Molly as “favorite anchor” in various local contests.

She Is Extensively Involved In Philanthropy And Has Floated Her Own Private Business

Her work in the field of journalism notwithstanding, Molly has diversified into other endeavors like business and she is neck-deep in philanthropy

Outside of her life as a journalist, Molly has been a great blessing to humanity as she is engaged in many advocacy programs such as March Forth with Hope Foundation and the Sach Ramsey Children’s Cancer Fund’. The Cancer Fund is pretty close to her heart as she revealed that her mother battled with cancer twice, therefore, she is passionate about helping people with such problems

In addition to her work on TV, the famed broadcaster has a hobby that she has successfully turned into a lucrative business – Molly makes vintage gifts from wine corks; her finished products include bulletin boards and picture frames, and she has started her website,, through which she markets her creations. This has also added a few digits to her wealth.

Molly Grantham’s Fortune Is Calculated In Excess Of $2 Million

The journalist’s work as a host and documentary producer is the main source of her wealth. At the same time, she earns from the much she makes from the sales on her website and from the sale of her book entitled Small Victories. As at the last review, Grantham’s fortune was pegged at a tidy $2 million while her annual remuneration was said to be $85,000 per year.

In Addition To Journalism, Molly Grantham Is A Wife And Mother

Molly Grantham
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Molly Grantham has been off the market for a while now; she is happily married to Wes Hyland. The two tied the nuptial knot on the 17th of June, 2007, at Fort Fisher, North Carolina. Theirs has so far been a peaceful union devoid of the controversies and scandals that often mark marriages that are in the spotlight.

The couple has been blessed with a couple of adorable kids – a daughter by name Parker born 2011 – she is 4 years older than her younger brother Hutch. The story of Molly’s family wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the family dog; Fisher, who was adopted from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Animal Care Control.

Baby Number 3 Joined The Family Amid The COVID 19 Pandemic

An announcement came from Molly Grantham on the 14th of January 2020 that she is already in the family way and expecting her third child soon. However, she couldn’t let us in on the sex of the child as her pregnancy was still in the early stage and they couldn’t tell yet.

Molly’s children looked really set to receive their new family member in a happy mood as her daughter Parker gave out screams of pure joy after learning good the news. Even their little boy Hutch also took in the news with a calm smile.

Their bundle of joy Hobie Joined The family in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic and within a few days of his birth, the entire family, including Hobie, were hit by the novel virus.

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Dear Hobie, Today you are four weeks old. Little, and loved. Happy one-month celebration. I wrote you a letter about… you. About not wanting to forget your small eyelids starting to open to see objects, or how your calm nature is what got me through these past four weeks of insanity. (Make no doubt: We are a circus and calling it life.) It has been crazy, Hobie. After our whole family got COVID and lived hour-by-hour—sometimes in 15-minute windows where we studied your breathing—there was a hurricane on the coast of North Carolina, an earthquake impacting Charlotte, your sister got stung by a massive jellyfish that wrapped a tentacle around her leg and hand, your brother got a gushing-blood gash millimeters from his eyeball while playing in the house (thank God he’s okay), and, to top it off, we start elementary home school from our hallway on Monday. Hope you’re ready. You will be in my arms as we teach kindergarten and 4th grade. But you know what, my sweet boy? We’ll figure it out. Here’s to your next 11 months. We love you. ◾️ PS: More, here >>

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