How Did Molly McNearney Meet & Marry Jimmy Kimmel And What Does She Do For a Living?

Molly Mcnearney is not lost in her husband’s fame. That being said, we wouldn’t dispute the fact that it is almost impossible to talk about her without mentioning her husband, Jimmy Kimmel. While her spouse has been basking in fame as a television host, comedian, writer, and producer, Molly has earned some clout as a scriptwriter and author.

Since the inception of her career, Molly worked only behind the scenes until in 2018 when she played Deila Shepherd in Dumplings. Her contributions to the entertainment industry have not gone unnoticed as she has received a few accolades for her efforts.

What We Know About Her Early Life and The Family She Was Born Into

Born on the 13th of March 1978 in St Louis, Missouri, Molly Mcnearney is one of the children born to Michael McNearney (father) and Michelle McNearney (mother).

Though she is quite reserved with the details of her personal life, we were able to gather that Molly spent most of her early years with Michael Jr. McNearney and Kelly McNearney her younger sister. Kelly is presently working with Google as a Senior Account Executive. Before landing the position at Google, Molly’s sister was with ESPN as the Digital Account Executive.

According to reports, she spent most of her formative years in St. Louis which she often credits for keeping her grounded even though she has been constantly surrounded by celebrities.

Molly’s Has Been Writing Since She Was In Elementary School

It was during her days at St Clare of Assisi Elementary School in Chesterfield that Molly was first encouraged to write by one of her teachers. Consequently, she spent her days at St Joseph High School dreaming of becoming a journalist.

However, it was when she proceeded to the University of Kansas – William Allen High School of Journalism and Mass Communication that the budding writer discovered that she had a flair for the comics; this happened after she watched a comedy show with some of her friends during a trip to Chicago. It partly informed her decision of moving to Chicago after graduating with a degree in advertising.

In Chicago, Molly Mcnearney joined Second City as a sketch writer and performer. It is interesting to note that her decision to move to LA was not totally work-related; her major reason was to be close with her long-distance boyfriend who was a resident of Los Angeles. Sadly, the relationship collapsed upon her arrival and it edged her towards focusing on building a career.

Her Career Took-off With ABC Where She Met Jimmy 

Through the connection of a close acquaintance, Molly Mcnearney got to know about a job opening at ABC and later began working for the broadcasting company as an adverts salesperson.

Before joining the media outfit, she had never heard of Jimmy Kimmel, neither had she watched his show. Molly was consistent with her job for a long time and it earned her a promotion as a personal assistant to the executive producer of Jimmy Kimmel Live!; this was in 2013.

A year after she landed the promotion, the emerging scriptwriter became the assistant writer of the show and eventually claimed the position of lead writer in 2018 as a result of her contributions to the show. Since Molly took up the role of a lead writer, she has risen from one successful height to another. She has achieved a lot, ranging from her involvement with the writing of jokes for the White House Correspondent dinner to co-writing several plots for the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards.

For her efforts, Molly has earned five Primetime Emmy Award nominations and bagged two Writer’s Guild of America Award.

Molly McNearney Is Jimmy Kimmel’s Second Wife

Molly Mcnearney
Molly Mcnearney and Jimmy Kimmel: image source

Molly McNearney is the second and current wife of Jimmy Kimmel. The two met at their workplace after she was introduced to him by an executive producer. They subsequently fell in love and dated for three years before getting engaged in 2012. In 2013, they took their forever commitments in the presence of friends and family.

Molly’s first impression of Kimmel wasn’t pleasant. According to the writer, his behavior at their first meeting made her feel insulted; when she was introduced to him, he dismissed triathlons which she is fond of as a waste of time. Consequently, the duo barely exchanged words but Kimmel eventually made things right.

He cooked her favorite food which he discovered at their writer’s meeting when he enquired about everybody’s favorite meals. According to what she told Glamour, cooking for her sealed their fate. She was initially skeptical about dating her boss but love won and they became lovers in 2009.

The match between Molly and Kimmel seems to be a perfect one as the couple is always in each other’s company, attending various events and award shows together. From what is perceivable, their union has had a positive effect on McNearney’s career, especially when you consider the fact that the mother of two writes most of Kimmel’s jokes.

Their Marriage Has Been Blessed With Two Kids

Molly Mcnearney
Molly Mcnearney, Kimmel, and their children: image source

Molly Mcnearney became a mother on the 10th of July 2014 with the birth of their first child, Jane. The couple welcomed their second child named Williams John on the 21st of April 2017. Sadly, Williams John was born with a rare heart defect and had to undergo surgery at three days old. He had a successful surgery and has been hale and hearty.

Since their son’s fate, the celebrity couple has openly talked about the health-care system as well as other burning political issues. Like her spouse, Molly is a Catholic. She wrote a letter addressed to her daughter on the day she was baptized, explaining why they baptized her despite being “fully aware of the failings of the church”.

In her handwritten letter, Molly mentioned that her daughter will have her full support if she decides to move away from Catholicism in the future. She seems to be coping perfectly with motherhood and a thriving career.

Molly Mcnearney became a stepmother to Kimmel’s two children, Katherine and Kelvin, from his previous marriage to Gina Maddy.


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