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Although her parents were just retail seafood shop owners in Pitt Meadows, B.C, Molly Parker discovered her acting talent as early as age 14 when she took to performing plays in her high school drama clubs. However, she commenced auditioning after her uncle took her to his agency and later, the young star started appearing in small roles on the big screen and the small screen in both the US and her home country Canada.

Molly Parker was not long into acting when a role in a low budget movie titled Kiss changed her career forever. In the film, she gave expression to the character of a necrophiliac woman, winning the Genie Award in the category of Best Actress in a Leading Role. Her effort in The Center of the World – a provocative movie which made her a nominee for a Genie Award was well received by the viewing public. Her other acting credits include Deadwood – the cable-TV series that cast her in the role of a widow and the movie Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story where she appeared as the daughter of a lesbian military officer.

Who is Molly Parker?

Molly Parker is a Canadian citizen, born in Maple Ridge, British Columbia on the 30th of June 1972. Though her parents have never been identified, they live on a farm in Pitt Meadows, B.C where Molly was raised alongside her younger brother Henry Parker. The actress’ parents trained their kids with proceeds from a retail seafood store in the area, giving them unflinching support in their life endeavors.

The young Molly Parker commenced ballet at the tender age of three, dancing three times a week till the age of 17. The academic institutions she attended include, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet of Canada, but when she was 14, she began to pick genuine interest in acting and later became passionate about the performing arts. Of course, she started with the usual high school drama club, but by the time she clocked 15, Molly Parker’s uncle who is also an actor introduced her to his agency.

At the initial stage, she hardly worked; her only reason for staying on was because she found auditioning rather interesting and thought it was fun. As time rolled by, Molly started getting minor roles in both films and TV series, including some American television shows where the shooting took place in Canada.

Upon her high school graduation, Molly parker decided to cash-in on her acting scholarships and bursaries, embarking on a 3-year course at Vancouver’s Gastown Actors Studio with Mel Austin Tuck. At the same time, she was busy taking supplementary voice as well as singing lessons and in no time, the emerging actress started getting guest roles on television series like Outer Limits, Neon Rider and The Highlander.

After she auditioned and landed a role in Kissed – a low budget film which was brought to her notice by a cinematographer friend, it opened several inroads into other roles that changed Molly Parker’s professional life for good.

Is She Married?

Molly Parker
Molly Parker and her Ex-husband Matt Bissonnette image source

Molly Parker has gone through one marriage and one divorce. It was in 2002 that she got hooked up in matrimony with her then-husband Matt Bissonnette who earned a living as a producer, writer, and director. Though the details of their wedding and marital life were never made public, their marriage hit the rocks in 2009 with the official divorce following barely three years later in 2012.

Before the end of their union, the duo was already parents to William Strummer Bissonnette – the only offspring of the union who was born in LA California on the 13th of October 2006 just four years into their life together. Molly Parker’s marriage to Matt made her a sister-in-law to Joel Bissonnette with whom she appeared on the set of the 2000 Suspicious River, playing the role of his wife.

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What Was Molly Parker’s Role on House of Cards?

She joined the cast of the Netflix series called House of Cards in its 2nd season in 2014, portraying the character of the Jacqueline Sharp – a Congresswoman. Molly Parker had recurring roles in the subsequent two seasons still portraying Sharp, her performance in the series was acclaimed as powerful, making the famed actress a nominee for the Primetime Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series.

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