You Will Soon Be Able To Make Money Off Twitter

Twitter has announced plans to begin sharing ad revenue generated by videos with the people who create those videos.

Sadly, the monetization policy is set to start in only the US for now.

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This monetization policy will, however, open up the platform of monetizing videos that was formerly only available to big names like CBS Corp and the National Football League, which posts videos through its Amplify Publisher Program, to the public at large.

Monetization Policy

Some people have touted the move as a blatant attempt by the social media giant to attract more users to the site. They announced the monetization policy in a blog post entitled Twitter monetization, now at your fingertips, where they declared;

“we’re excited to announce the expansion of our creator revenue programs, which will provide creators of all sizes with the ability to monetize content in multiple ways and generate revenue at scale”

All key players in social media are focusing effort on video so it is not a completely unexpected move. As it is now, Twitter has pitted itself against companies like YouTube and will probably succeed in their bid to attract more users.

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The company has still not made any mention of what percentage of ad revenue will be shared, and what sort of money users could expect to make if a video they upload goes viral, but Reuters reports that the figure could be 70 percent, a number that is higher than  YouTube’s, which shares just 55 percent of the ad revenue with content creators.

Monetization Policy

Twitter said individual users would also be allowed to share their videos on other platforms and also updated its monetization tools to make it easier to publish content and to track performance and earnings.