Monifah Shelton
Monifah Shelton (L) And Kenneka Jenkins (R) : Image Source

Sometimes, terrible things happen and people lose friends and loved ones in the process; that is exactly what happened to Monifah Shelton, American girl that suddenly came under the spotlight of the media following the death of her friend Kenneka Jenkins who lost her life in a very strange and tragic way at a party. Because of the unexplainable manner in which Kenneka died, the news of her death threw the social media into a frenzy and before long, the friends who accompanied the deceased to the party became the prime suspects of which Monifah was at the forefront.

Monifah Shelton owes her popularity on social media to the fact that she was actually the one who took it upon herself to raise the most awareness about her friend’s disappearance. She wasted no time in taking to social media platforms to call for help in finding Kenneka who was originally declared missing before she was found dead in the walk-in freezer of the hotel where the party was hosted. Monifah’s infamy hit new heights after some people took started to point accusing fingers at her for setting her friend up to die.

Monifah Shelton’s Bio

When people become popular for negative reasons, it becomes understandable that they would want to make every effort to conceal the details of their personal life as much as possible and Monifah Shelton cannot be blamed for doing the same.

Consequently, very little is known about her family background but it is common knowledge that she was born on the 15th of November 1998. However, her city of birth is not known though speculations are that she was born in Chicago but confirmation is still pending. The only certainty about her is that she has been a Chicago resident for many years before the ugly incident.

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In the same vein, nothing is known about her parents or if she is an only child or has other siblings. One aspect of Monifah Shelton’s life that is public knowledge is the demise of her friend and her effort in trying to locate her.

As the details of the circumstances surrounding her friend’s death began to unfold, Monifah Shelton’s professional life also came to attention. According to records, she was an employee of McDonald’s, a popular fast food company. Sources revealed that she had spent one year on the job before the unfortunate incident which claimed the life of her friend in 2017.

Monifah Shelton can be described as a party lover who loves to have a good time, especially while hanging out with friends and it happened to be on one of such occasions, a tragedy struck which changed her life forever.

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Why Was She Accused And Arrested? What Really Happened?

When her friend Kenneka Jenkins suddenly went missing from the party at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, Monifah Shelton was the one who made the most effort to locate her by promptly calling in her family and taking to her social media channel to solicit assistance from the public. The authorities were called in and a thorough search was conducted in the hotel premises to no avail. When all efforts to located Kenneka ended in futility, her mother refused to give up and went back to the hotel on Saturday which gave rise to fresh search and also closer scrutiny of the video footage of the party. That was when the deceased was spotted drunk and staggering with Monifah close by at about 3:20 am

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At that instance, a more serious search was conducted and the dead body of Kenneka was discovered in the hotel’s walk-in freezer in an area of the building that was under construction. A strange fact about the whole situation was that the freezer in question was not in use, yet it was switched on and that was when accusing fingers started pointing at Monifah Shelton, saying that she set her friend up in order to collect money from some questionable guys.

Following the accusations, Monifah was reported to have committed suicide because she couldn’t stand the allegations anymore. The reports claimed that she left a suicide note which explained why she took her own life. However, this was proven to be false and Monifah Shelton is still alive, though keeping a low profile.

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