Morgan Hultgren
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The internet is one of the best things to have happened to the human race in the past ten years; one of the most brilliant things about the web is how it shrinks the world and brings it to your doorstep, or more particularly, to the palms of your hands. It has also acted as an avenue for streams of income. The internet is the only way that a relatively unknown woman from Sweden would become a global sensation, internet star, and model, this woman is the diminutive Morgan Hultgren.

Morgan Hultgren is an Instagram model, she may not grace the runways of Paris and New York but she graces the timelines of her followers, advertising the merchandise of her sponsors who are trying to reach her multitude of followers.

Morgan Hultgren’s Biography

Morgan Hultgren was born on the 20th of November in 1993 in her native country of Sweden, particularly in Stockholm. She has only one sibling which the public is aware of, a younger brother. Details about her parents are unknown as there is nothing about them that is available to the public and she has not offered anything about them either, choosing to maintain a discreet profile about her family.

Hultgren spent most of her childhood in Sweden and moved to America with her family when she was still a kid. There is no information available about her formal education.

Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Morgan Hultgren

1. Instagram Career

Social media is multitudinous in ways it can be used. For people like Morgan Hultgren, it is for the purpose of financial gain. Hultgren’s career as a model on the internet began in 2014 with her Instagram account – SwedishKiller. The account, however, got suspended and subsequently disabled in 2016, most likely because of the adult content that she put up. That same year, she opened another account, this time with the handle Swedishirishmama, and in three years, she has been able to acquire a follower count that runs into millions.

2. Motherhood

Morgan Hultgren, in 2016, became a mother; the specific date of her child’s birth is unknown. She gave birth to a boy whose name is Soren. It appears that she was in labor for more than a day (25 hours) but as she has said on Instagram, it was worth it and one day, she and her son will run the world.

It is not certain if she is married to the father of her child but on the 30th of November and in the year 2017, she put up a picture of a man and related that it is a blessing for her to have an amazing man as the father of her child. The nature of their relationship is still unclear.

3. Brand Ambassador

Social media is important for advertising and advertisers naturally want their products and merchandise to be on the pages of people who have high social media followers. With over 2 million followers, Morgan Hultgren is very much socially wealthy. In the past, she has worked with a number of brands, advertising their merchandise on Instagram. She also has a contract with the social media app Supe and works as their brand ambassador.

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4. Height And Body Measurements

There is no denying that Morgan Hultgren has an impressive body; she has her enviable physique to thank for her millions of followers on Instagram. She stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 7 inches while her body weight has been listed between 50 to 55 kg. Her other body measurements are listed as 36-23-36 inches for her bust, waist, and hips respectively. Morgan’s physical features include blue eyes, blonde hair, and an hourglass figure.

There have been rumors that the social media star has had plastic surgery to enhance her figure, however, Morgan has denied the allegations and has said her figure is entirely natural.

5. Expensive Taste

Morgan Hultgren has shown that she loves to have a good time, as can be deduced from her Instagram account which features pictures from trips around the world and an array of vintage muscle cars. She is also friends with the Armenian-American internet star; Dan Bilzerian, the two have been pictured together and are believed to be good friends.

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