Morocco, A Muslim Country, Has Completely Banned The Import And Production Of The Burqa

Last year, both France and Germany had controversial wars against the burqa; an article of clothing mostly worn by Muslims. Morocco is the latest country to institute a burqa ban but the cultural or religious ramifications in Morocco’s case are definitely unique.

Morocco is a country with a population that is majorly Muslim and it has Islam as its official religion. A Muslim country instituting a ban on the import and production of the burqa shows the different times we live in when it comes to considerations of security.

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The government’s move on the burqa ban was reported by 360 and allegedly began January 9 in Casablanca. A law enforcement official visited workshops making burqas and other types of full veils (such as the niqab) and demanded they stop work.

Prior to what would have been viewed as the impromptu visit by the official, some producers had been notified a day prior of an order to stop producing full veiled garments and get rid of the stocks they already possessed.

burqa ban

The import, manufacture, and marketing of the burqa were outlawed on Monday but moves on the burqa ban had started as far back as July when a senior official at the Ministry of the Interior said;

“We have taken the measure to completely ban the import, manufacture and marketing of this garment in all the cities and towns of the kingdom.”

The unnamed source of 360 remained mute about the possibility of a future ban on wearing the burqa. Some traders have told 360 that the decision on the burqa ban is motivated by security reasons, as thugs have repeatedly used the garment (sold between 50 and 60 DH) to hide while they commit their crimes.

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As can be expected, the decision has generated dissent among conservative groups although wearing a full veil isn’t traditional in Morocco.