Moses Tembe’s Biography and Net Worth in Current Year

Moses Tembe (born 1963) is a 61 years old South African business mogul with a net worth estimated at $100 million. The investment expert has interests in various businesses and has sat on the board of several companies in different industries, from oil and gas to real estate and much more.

Tembe came from humble beginnings to acquire the needed educational qualifications to excel in the business world. His foray into entrepreneurship commenced from the butchery business before spreading his wings into several other ventures that have recorded exceptional success.

Profile Summary of Moses Tembe

  • Full Name: Moses Tembe
  • Gender: Male
  • Year of Birth: 1963
  • Moses Tembe’s Age: 61 years old
  • Nationality: South African
  • Education: Studied Public Administration and Political Science at the University of South Africa (UNISA) and Financial Management at Caltex Business Management Programme (UCT)
  • Religion: Christian
  • Sexuality Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Moses Tembe’s Wife: Princess Ntandoyesizwe
  • Children: Nellie (late), Vukile, Nosipho, Mbali, and Zamatonga
  • Occupation: Entreupreneur
  • Moses Tembe’s Net Worth: S100 million

Moses Tembe Was Born 61 Years Ago

The identity of the parents of South African businessman, Moses Tembe has never made it into the public space but it is common knowledge that the multi-award-winning millionaire was born in 1963. This means that Tembe is well into his late fifties. However, his specific day and month of birth are not known. The records said it was in the region of KwaZulu-Natal, precisely in the rustic village of Jozini that the investment expert was born.

He spent a better part of his formative years in that Umkhanyakude District Municipality on the major route to neighboring Mozambique. His home is in close proximity to Pongolapoort or Jozini Dam Lake which is currently one of the most popular Tiger fishing destinations in all of South Africa.

Also, we cannot say if the SA multi-millionaire grew up as an only child or had siblings since nothing is known about his background. One fact about his early life that is public knowledge is that he came from humble beginnings and all the riches and flamboyance we are witnessing today resulted from sheer hard work and dedication. The businessman currently spends most of his time in Durban’s Umlazi township where he has set up his home.

Tembe is a Public Administration and Political Science Graduate

Perhaps because his early life was not conducted in the public eye, Moses Tembe’s early academic history is nowhere to be found on the records. However, he is believed to have achieved both primary and secondary education in the place of his birth. After he graduated from secondary school, his quest for academic excellence took him to UNISA, where he joined the Department of Public Administration and Political Science, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree.

Tembe later went for another course, this time; he studied Financial Management at Caltex Business Management Programme (UCT) which operates under the backing of the University of Cape Town. At the end of the day, he bagged an additional qualification.

Moses’ first degree in Public Administration and Political Science may not have had so much impact on the business empire he has built today, but the same cannot be said for his second course. It goes without saying that studying Financial Management equipped the tycoon with the required business skills, the necessary sagacity, and the astute mind to excel in the highly competitive world of business.

His Career Started From Butchery Business

Many admire Moses Tembe for the success he has recorded in the cutthroat world of business today. His industry peers can’t help but respect the wealthy and award-winning businessman for hobnobbing with South Africa’s political heavyweights. However, very few people know that he started life from the scratch.

You would not believe the kind of business Tembe started out with. The Jozini native first had a brush with the meat business where he ended up as the owner of several butcheries most of which were located in the Durban townships; this happened back in the ’80s. Going into the meat market turned out to be a good decision for the upcoming business tycoon as the project brought massive returns, boosting his bottom line. Perhaps this was what gave him the unction to function and soon, Moses went on an expansion spree, not only in butcheries but this time, he added other business interests as he broke new horizons.

Tembe Has Extended His Wonderful Business Ideas And Investments to His Region Kwa-Zulu Natal

His region Kwa-Zulu Natal was not left out of his business expansion project as Moses Tembe touched different parts of KZN. The major developments and investments he spearheaded in the region include the Point Waterfront, Richards Bay Eco Junction, and he is the brain behind the success of profitable entities like Suncoast Casino. Also, he has a finger in industrial operations like Elgin Brown, Geochem, and Hamer. Tembe also takes the credit for championing a whole lot of other multimillion-rand retail enterprises both in his region and beyond; this includes a plethora of other township-based shopping malls.

In an interview session, the owner of AmaZulu Football Club, Sandile Zungu, paid homage to the shrewd businessman. In his words, the boss of the KwaZulu Natal-based football outfit recalls fond memories of Moses Tembe as he sang the multi-millionaire’s praises. Sandile who is also the substantial president of Black Business Council said Temba may be a force to reckon with presently, but he is a self-made man that has made it from grass to grace.

As a man who is so passionate about discovering and exploring new opportunities, the Jozini native has established a handful of filling stations. In the long run, he diversified into the shipping industry, and today, the magnate can boast of a good number of shipping companies. His fast-food outlets are located in strategic positions all over the country and they are quite popular. Nowadays, Tembe is regarded in the light of a go-to person for hopefuls who wish to be successful in their different business endeavors.

Prestigious Positions Held by Moses Tembe

Through the course of his career life, the South African businessman has held a lot of enviable positions in several top-notch companies in the country, they include;

  • Inyanda (KZN NAFCOC): he has served there for several years as the Secretary-General
  • Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Tembe served as the President but has left the post. Besides, he has been part of the Board directorship since 2008
  • KZN Business Initiative: he functions as the substantial Vice-Chairman
  • He was Gold Circle’s Director before his recent resignation
  • He is with the eThekwini Community Foundation as Chairman and he sits on the Board of Durban Infrastructure Development Trust as a member.
  • Moses serves as a board member for numerous JSE listed companies. These include the likes of The Mr. Price Group, Beige Holdings, and Santova.
  • Phumelela Gaming: He is the current Deputy Chair Person of the company.
  • Durban International Conference Centre Moses Tembe functions as the Director.
  • KZN Growth Coalition and Economic Council enjoys his services as one of its Co-Chairman
  • In Mazibuye Investments Company, the shrewd businessman reigns supreme as its director
  • When Ubuhle OCS Cleaning Services (Pty) Ltd opened its doors for business in 1998, Moses Tembe became its non-executive chairman.
  • As the Greater Durban Community Foundation continues its wonderful initiative in driving education forward in Durban, the task is spearheaded by some big-wigs in the country and Moses Tembe happens to be one of them. He has remained the Chairperson of the foundation for years.

Away from all these lucrative business ventures where he serves in one prestigious capacity or the other, Moses has also proved his mettle in the area of infrastructural investment space. In the South Africa of today, he is regarded as one of the key figures in the field.

Moses Tembe’s Investments

Listed below are some of the major wise investments that put Moses Tembe on the world map as one of the known businessmen of our time.

  • Moses Tembe Investments (Pty) Ltd
  • Phumelela Gaming & Leisure (org chart)
  • Mr. Price Partners Share Trust
  • Elgin Brown & Hamer (Pty) Ltd,
  • Dynachem (Pty) Ltd
  • Santova Logistics (Pty) Ltd
  • Durban Infrastructure Development Trust
  • Crescendo Venture Capital (Pty) Ltd

The list is not exhaustive as the South African native keeps breaking new grounds as time rolls by. He is also in several successful partnerships with other businesses in the country.

In 2018, Tembe Resigned As Gold Circle Director

Moses Tembe
Phumelela Gaming and Leisure

Moses Tembe served as the substantial Director of Gold Circle for several years before he decided to put in his resignation letter in 2018. Soon, reports started hitting the airwaves from media outlets like SportingPost that the affluent South African businessman has relinquished his position in Gold Circle as the Vice Chairman and Gold Circle Racing Club as a Director.

The reasons for his resignation were not made public but it was obvious that Moses is still on good terms with the company which was quick to express appreciation for the business mogul’s considerable contributions to the overall progress of the company.

It soon came to public notice that his reasons for leaving Gold Circle may be another prestigious appointment. The Jozini business tycoon soon joined Phumelela Gaming and Leisure, sitting on its board as the Lead Independent Director. Reports have it that he is the replacement for Investec co-founder Bernard Kantor. Obviously, he didn’t leave the industry completely, only switching from one company to the other

In the course of his business career, the wheeler-dealer’s efforts and dedication have not gone unnoticed. As the world sang his praises for stellar achievements, the relevant authorities were equally watching, and recently, Tembe was bestowed with Investec Entrepreneur Award and Ithala Business Award.

Tembe’s Fortune Was Last Estimated At S100 million

Since he surfaced in the wheeling-dealing world of business, the entrepreneur has been taking giant strides that have all been very rewarding. Moses appears to have a finger in every industry, he is in hospitality, infrastructural investment, gaming, oil and gas, fast foods, and butchery. The South African business mogul has also proved his mettle in shipping, property, engineering, manufacturing, tourism, marine, education, just to mention a few.

Needless to say that all these business interests mean multiple sources of income and from what is put out by the reports, Moses Tembe is doing great in all his ventures. When one of his companies named Moses Tembe Investments (Pty) Ltd came under the spotlight, the ensuing financial analysis revealed a whopping annual return of $2.45 million. What’s more, the revenue generation capacity of the company keeps increasing with the passage of time.

According to the records, Moses Tembe Investments (Pty) Ltd is one of the wheeler-dealer’s major business concerns and a major driver of his revenue. The headquarters of Moses Tembe Investments is cited in his region Kwa-Zulu Natal with over 17 employees in all its locations. The 2020 estimation of Moses Tembe’s fortune pegged it an astounding $100 million. Reports say this conclusion was done after a painstaking review and totaling of all his income heads.

How Does Moses Tembe Spend His Money?

Considering his social status and financial standing in the African society, one would not be too far from the truth to surmise that Moses Tembe lives a life of luxury, However, from what is perceivable, he appears to be the type that prefers to shroud the details of his personal life in secrecy. Thus, little or nothing is known about his life away from the business world.

Tembe Resides in Only The Best Mansions In South Africa

It has always been reported that the business expert has several beautiful mansions scattered all over the country, however, the public has never been treated to a glimpse of the paradise he calls home. Tidbits about his main residence managed to filter into the public space after South African musician AKA started dating his daughter Anele Tembe. It was AKA who videoed one off his would-be father-in-law’s mansions and shared it on social media. Fans just had to confess that the house shared in the IG story is luxury personified.

There have been talks about another one of his houses in South Africa cited in the coastal area of the country. This piece of luxurious mansion does not just have a pool, but there is a nearby sea for the benefit of the occupant. In fact, there is so much to enjoy in the abode, including peace and utmost tranquility.

It has been said that Moses Tembe’s investment in luxury mansions is not restricted to his home country South Africa, he equally has several overseas. A good example is his New York residence in the United States which is bedecked with the latest amenities.

Moses Tembe’s Cars

Considering the fact that the only information about the celebrated business tycoon’s houses came out from the boyfriend of his deceased daughter, it would be understandable to say that nothing has been revealed about his automobiles. However, the SA native’s garage is said to be overflowing in exotic vehicles which he splurges around town with.

The SA Business Mogul Also Spends on Philanthropy

Moses Tembe’s name has been associated with philanthropy in South Africa over the years, but his latest attempt at touching the lives of the less privileged was recorded during the onset of the novel Corona Virus pandemic.

As his country witnessed the first wave of the virus, Tembe was one of those on hand to dish out palliative items to the public. Among the items he shared were face masks, hand sanitizers, and sanitary packs. His area of focus for distributing the packages was the Umlazi Township in Durban. The items were shared on the 9th of April 2020. All these were done in a bid to assist the KZN Provincial Government in fighting the spread of the virus.


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