Msawawa is a Kwaito Musician From South Africa – Meet Him

Msawawa is a Kwaito singer of South African descent who has released gospel hits like Bowungakanani, Hip Hop Kwaito, and the Prophecy.

The music star became a success at the young age of 10 in the 1990s and his fame continued to shine until the early 2000s. Though Msawawa left the music scene for many years, he made a comeback in 2018 and has been working hard to find his ground once again. We explore the man Msawawa and what he has been up to lately.

Summary of Msawawa’s Bio
  • Full name: Siboniso Msawawa Dlamini
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 1990
  • Msawawa’s Age: 34
  • Nationality: South African
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Msawawa’s Wife: Angela Gwala
  • Famous for: Kwaito music

Msawawa is Currently 34 Years Old

Born and raised in South Africa, Msawawa has his date of birth recorded as 1990. He was born in his hometown of Durban where he also grew up with his sister and parents. As the only son in the family, his parents doted on him and were very supportive of his talent from such an early stage. They also managed his finances until he turned 18 and was old enough to know what to do with the money he earned.

Due to the early fame that Msawawa enjoyed, education wasn’t a priority. He probably focused more on his career. However, while there are no clear details of his educational background, the singer was a schoolmate of Mzambiya, his longtime friend and fellow Kwaito singer. The two became popular as kids and made quite a buzz with the release of their hit single Wawungakanani.

Bulldawgz Entertainment Discovered Msawawa When He Was 8 Years Old

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Msawawa’s name goes down history lane in South Africa as the youngest South African musician to make it in the great Kwaito music during his time. The musician was discovered at the age of 8 by Bulldawgz Entertainment. This was in the late 1990s and they worked together to make good Kwaito music.

He was nine years old when he released his first single Msawawa Bowngakanani which introduced him to fame. The singer got his breakthrough in 2001 with the release of his album The Hurricane of Bowngakanani.

Though more albums followed, the music artist wasn’t consistent as the life of fame overwhelmed him. His last album so far titled No Way Out was released years ago while the singer slowly fizzled out of the spotlight and has been making conscious efforts to get back on the horse.

With the innate talent for music that he exhibited from childhood, Msawawa is likely to bounce back in no time as he has what it takes. He, however, needs to get his game very high if he wants to compete with the recent talents in the music industry, especially the Kwaito genre.

Msawawa’s Albums

  • The Hurricane
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Imoto ka Shukela
  • Phants Phezulu
  • Sibalukhulu
  • No Way Out

Why Msawawa Went Off The Music Scene

Msawawa was only eight years old when he was scouted by a talent agency. He subsequently released his first single at the age of nine and at such a young age, handling fame appropriately is almost impossible. Thus, when his debut in the music industry blew him into the spotlight, Msawawa could not handle the excess popularity.

His short-lived fame introduced him to a lot of vices, including violence, fraud, and all sorts of crimes. The fame that was supposed to make his life better drove the youngster to oblivion and he subsequently left school and even became broke according to reports. Msawawa went back to his family in Durban to find himself again but he also went out of the music scene.

His visible absence led to several rumors about the singer but the obvious truth was that the power that comes with fame took a toll on him and he couldn’t control it. Though his parents were there from his budding years, Msawawa still couldn’t handle the attention his music brought upon him. Nevertheless, he is back and getting ready to take the music industry by storm once again.

He Made A Comeback In 2018 But In A Different Genre

After several years under the radar following his disappearance from the spotlight, Msawawa has made his comeback, ready to continue to treat fans to great music. He came back to the music scene in 2018 with a promise to make a name for himself again.

Instead of Kwaito, Msawawa decided to pitch his tent with the Amapiano genre. According to public opinion, he chose Amapiano to revive his dead music career, considering the fact that the genre is reigning in South Africa. However, the music artist refuted this claim, saying he chose Amapiano because it reminds him of the old version of Kwaito. According to Msawawa, his music career didn’t die because people still love his musical offerings and he is ready to dish out some more.

Msawawa is teaming up with his longtime friend and music collaborator Mzambiya. The duo has already dropped a hot single titled Imoto Ka Shukela.

Msawawa Got Married In 2015

The Kwaito star is married to a lady identified as Angela Gwala. They dated for two years and amid controversies about the age gap between them, they tied the knot in 2015. The marriage rites followed the traditional route first as the singer first paid her lobola in 2013 before the white wedding.

Msawawa was 25 years old when he paid his wife’s dowry and she was 36 at the time. This raised a few eyebrows as they were criticized because of the age gap but this didn’t stop their love from growing.

Another controversy that haunted the union was a rumor about Msawawa having a sexual relationship with his wife’s sister. According to the rumors, Angela Gwala threw him out of the home they shared while they were still engaged because she found out he was sleeping with her sister.

Not only did Angela come out to rubbish the claims, but Msawawa also weighed in, saying he had his own house in Durban while his then-fiance had hers, thus, there was no way she could have thrown him out. Besides, he cleared the air, saying he wasn’t sleeping with Angela’s sister.

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