MTN Self Help Codes You Can Use To Buy Data, Check Balance, and Transfer Data In Nigeria

MTN is the largest telecommunications company in Nigeria with the highest amount of subscribers. It has achieved this status by having the most comprehensive network reach, with coverage in almost every part of the country. Additionally, the ease of use, with features like Self Help Codes which customers can use to buy data, check balance, and transfer data, has made MTN a real favourite.

The introduction of these self-help codes and numbers has reduced customers’ dependence on customer care agents to carry out more straightforward transactions. But they are quite a lot, and keeping track can be challenging. Here is a one-stop list of MTN Self Help codes you can use anytime for any of your transactions.

Self Codes for All the Available MTN Data Bundles for 2021

As mentioned earlier, subscribing to any data plan is very convenient and straightforward. With the introduction of self codes unique to each data bundle, MTN customers can purchase data within seconds. It is all about identifying the data bundle that interests you and entering the self-service code reserved for that bundle.

Below is the list of all the self-service numbers/codes and the data bundle they work for.

  • *131*114# – 40MB daily plan for N50
  • *131*104# – 100MB daily plan for N100
  • *131*155# – 1GB daily plan for N300
  • *131*154# – 2GB two-day plan for N500
  • *131*113# – 200MB three-day plan for N200
  • *131*102# – 350MB weekly plan for N300
  • *131*142# – 1GB weekly plan for N500
  • *131*141# – 6GB weekly plan for N1500
  • *131*103# – 750MB weekly plan for N500
  • *131*105# – 2GB + 2GB bonus weekly plan for N1000
  • *131*106# – 1.5GB monthly plan for N1000
  • *131*130# – 2GB plus free 4GB Youtube Night Streaming monthly plan for N1200
  • *131*131# – 3GB plus free 4GB Youtube Night Streaming monthly plan for N1500
  • *131*130# – 4.5GB plus free 4GB Youtube Night Streaming monthly plan for N2000
  • *131*147# – 6GB plus free 4GB Youtube Night Streaming monthly plan for N2500
  • *131*107# – 10GB plus free 4GB Youtube Night Streaming monthly plan for N3500
  • *131*116# – 15GB plus free 4GB Youtube Night Streaming monthly plan for N5000
  • *131*117# – 40GB monthly plan for N10000
  • *131*150# – 75GB monthly plan for N15000
  • *131*149# – 110GB monthly plan for N20000
  • *131*119# – 30GB two-month plan for N8000
  • *131*118# – 75GB two-month plan for N20000
  • *131*138# – 120GB two-month plan for N30000
  • *131*133# – 150GB three-month plan for N50000
  • *131*134# – 250GB three-month plan for N75000
  • *131*156# – 400GB yearly plan for N120000
  • *131*136# – 1TB yearly plan for N100000
  • *131*137# – 2TB yearly plan for N450000

How to Check Data Balance on MTN Nigeria

MTN Self Help Codes
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There are many things to do on the internet, and customers can get carried away, thereby prematurely exhausting their data. Sometimes, customers are shocked when informed they no longer have data available to access the internet.

Therefore, as MTN subscribers, it is essential to check your data balance from time to time. Not only does it help you manage your data, but it also lets you know when the current data will expire. There are different ways to check your data on MTN Nigeria, including a self help code and SMS options, all of which we discuss below.


Customers can check their data balance via SMS. The SMS route is a direct and straightforward process. All you have to do is text 2 to 131 or use the alternative number, 403. It means you can either send 2 or 403 to 131. Within a few seconds, you will get an SMS from MTN informing you of your current data volume, any data bonus you possess, and the date of expiration for your existing data subscription. The SMS route is charge-free and can be used even with no airtime on your phone.


Alternatively, MTN subscribers can use the USSD Self Help code, which is even faster than the SMS method. From your dial pad, enter the code *131*4# and hit send. Almost immediately, you will get a response detailing several things, including your current data volume, bonus, if any, and date of expiration for your existing data subscription.

Also included are your network tariff subscriptions and the total number of free time you currently have to call any network. The USSD method is the fastest method to check your data balance.

Via Customer Care

If you are the kind of customer who would rather hear their data balance from an MTN customer care agent, you can also use the customer care number. By dialling 180 and following the prompts, you will be connected to a customer care agent who will check your account on your behalf and proceed to tell you your data balance. This method can be time-consuming as the agent may not attend to you on time due to the volume of calls coming in.

How to Check Data Balance on MTN Modem

The MTN Modem service is one of several internet services offered by MTN to its customers. Customers can purchase an MTN modem and subscribe to one of the several data bundles available. Checking your MTN modem’s data balance is no different from checking your data balance on your usual MTN line. You can call the MTN customer agent via 180 and find out your balance from them. Alternatively, you can dial the MTN Self Help code, *131# and follow the prompts to check your data balance.

How do I Check My Data Balance on a Wi-Fi Router

Similar to the MTN Modem, checking your data balance for your MTN Wi-Fi router is not complicated. All data bundle balances, regardless of the internet device, can be verified by either speaking to a customer service agent via 180. You can also use the MTN Self Help code by dialling *131# for a faster resolution. Alternatively, you can send 2 to 131. You will get a response informing you of your data balance along with other details.

How to Transfer Data from MTN to MTN

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One of the numerous things customers can do on the MTN network is transfer data from their account to another MTN user’s account. Transferring data comes in handy when a loved one is short on data and has excess data to spare. Instead of purchasing separate data for them, you can quickly transfer from your active plan to them, which they will receive in seconds.

It is a popular service amongst many MTN users due to how easy it is to use. Customers that wish to transfer data to another MTN user should note the following :

  • You can only transfer data from your daily, weekly, and monthly data bundles. Customers with Xtravalue data bundles are incapable of transferring data.
  • You can only transfer data a maximum of twice daily. Once you have shared data for the second time in a day, you have to wait until the next day before transferring again.
  • Customers must have a minimum of 50MB left after they have successfully transferred data to another MTN user. If your data volume falls below 50MB after a transfer, the transfer will not go through.
  • Customers can transfer a minimum of 10MB and a maximum of 100MB. It means you cannot share below 10MB and not more than 100MB daily.
  • All subscribers do not need a pin to make use of the data transfer service. All you need is the beneficiary’s number and the data amount you wish to transfer.
  • You cannot set the transferring of data to auto. You have to access the service yourself each time you wish to use it.

To transfer data from your MTN account to another MTN user via a self help code, do the following:

  • Launch your dial pad
  • Dial the following code *131* beneficiary’s phone number*data amount#
  • Hit send

If you have enough data in your account, you will get a successful notification, and the beneficiary should receive the data.

Alternatively, you can transfer data using the SMS method.

  • Launch your messaging app
  • Text’ Transfer (space) beneficiary’s phone number (space) data amount
  • Enter 131 as the recipient
  • Hit send
  • The beneficiary should get the data within seconds.
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